Holiday Season Feature News To Help Go Over The River And Through The Woods Virtually

Top 25 Thanksgiving Stories of the Decade


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Families are preparing to enjoy Thanksgiving in news ways, to keep kids healthy and safe, in response the COVID-19 pandemic. Journalists are eager to receive stories with helpful advice to protect the public and make life more fun, in person and virtually.

To help our clients find formats that are getting the best results, North American Precis Syndicate ranks the top feature news stories of the year by the highest number of placements in media outlets nationwide. We have compiled the results to show the top feature news stories of the decade, those that have performed brilliantly, way above and beyond what is typically expected.

The most successful stories included attractive color photos or infographics, helpful advice from experts, celebrity spokespeople, the latest statistics, results from surveys, trends, time-saving tips, money saving ideas and other helpful information. The stories were targeting people across various demographic groups, relating to making the world a better place, protecting the health, safety and assets, of the readers, their friends and family members.

We are passionate about working on the kinds of stories that help millions of people nationwide with the news that is potentially life saving or can improve the quality of their lives.

To name a few, here are our top 25 Thanksgiving stories of the decade for inspiration:

California Sweet Potatoes

1- Cooking Corner/ A Sweet And Savory Side

2- Fabulous Food/ A New Take On Sweet Potato Casserole


Holiday Dining/ Writing Off The End Of The Year


Holiday Happenings/ It’s That Time Of Year Again!!

Futures Fundamentals

Between The Farm And Your Table: The Finance Behind Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving Ideas/ Smart Ways To Enhance The Holiday


Cooking Corner/ Learn To Love Your Leftovers


Holiday Gift Ideas/ Hostess Gifts That Show You're A Blooming Genius

Graceland Fruit

Fabulous Fruit/ Give Stuffing A Lift With Dried Cranberries

AC Delco

Car Care Corner/ Technician Shares Five Tips To Get Your Ride Holiday-Ready


Holiday Entertaining/ Have A Streaming Good Time

Chef’s Choice

1- Roasting And Carving The Holiday Bird Just Right

2- Simple Thanksgiving Dinner Tips Courtesy Of The Founding Fathers

3- Grill-Roasted Turkey: A Tasty Twist On Tradition for a turkey that's full of flavor without the fuss!

4- Tips For A Stress-Free Thanksgiving

5- Thanksgiving Turkey In 8 Easy Steps

6- Turkey Tips That Save Time And Money


Helpful Ideas/ Give Yourself Less Holiday Stress


Travel News And Notes/ For Many There's No Place Like A Hotel For The Holidays


Holiday Shoping/ Red-Hot Black Friday Tips

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Health And Well Being/ Survivor Day Changes Lives


Hints For The Home/ Don't Get Backed Up: Tips To Stay Clog-Free This Season


Holiday Hints/ Surviving The Season

Karo Syrup

1- Entertaining Ideas/ Perfecting The Classic Pecan Pie

2- Traditional Desserts Add A Fitting Finish To Thanksgiving Feasts


Managing Your Money/ You Don't Have To Fall For Affinity Fraud

Brawny Towels

Newsworthy Trends/ Messy Times And How To Handle Them


Holiday Shopping Guide/ Seasonal Cheer For Consumers

Le Cordon Bleu

Entertaining Ideas/ Turn Your Turkey Day Leftovers Into Party-Time Favorites


Get Your Vehicle Ready For Tailgate Season


Quick Food Tips/ Easy Holiday Meals In A Dash


Talking Turkey/ New Ways To Wow Them This Holiday Season


Easy Tips, Tricks And Recipes Can Help Stretch Your Wine Budget Through The Holidays

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