Picking A Picture That Speaks A Thousand Words

Visual Storytelling That Works In The Digital Age


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Creating a compelling message is essential for visual storytelling, which must rely on just a few words and a highly attractive picture to captivate attention and to engage audiences who are being bombarded by images from over 350 million photos that are uploaded every day. Images account for nearly all of social media advertising cost-effectiveness and performance.

With attractive photos, videos or drawings, you are on the right path towards persuading your target audiences to act and to accomplish your goals.

You can boost online awareness of your brand by telling a story, attractively illustrated, to make your message stand out and instantly increase recognition of your company. Visual content such as infographics, logos, shots of your product being used, and videos can be shared with millions to increase interactions and maximize exposure.

You can choose from a variety of template options to help tell your story in a highly professional and presentable fashion, including embedded videos, photos, logos, drawings, graphic representations and audio sound bites.

There are many low cost or no cost online resources for finding just the right images for your story or you may choose to create your own, which you can enhance with online tools and software.

Savvy marketers recognize the need to cut through the clutter with exceptionally talented and creative experts who can transform your story with outstanding images. The difference between a successful campaign, and one with extraordinary results, starts with a visually appealing presentation.

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