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Send us a release, a brochure, a script, your website information or other background material and our writers will offer expert suggestions on how you can best reach millions of additional listeners. We can suggest changes that will add to pickup or propose a release based on your background material that will get marvelous results if you approve.

What we do for you: 
NAPS provides an easy, cost-effective method of getting your radio spot to nearly every radio station in the country. Instead of just covering the same top 500 radio stations that everyone else is trying to get on to, you can give your top story to practically all of America’s radio broadcasters at more than 6,500 radio stations in a format they can easily play as is. This offers the potential to reach a greater portion of the 300 million people living in the U.S.

RFR (Radio Feature Release) written somewhat like a PSA's, produced and distributed twice per month. Timed scripts—60 seconds or two 30-second spots—read by station personalities or played from CD with our professional voice-over artists reading each script.

We cover over 6,500+ radio stations throughout the U.S. for use primarily on news and talk shows. Broadcasters receive CD’s, paper scripts or MP3’s and PDF’s of scripts posted on our website or Podcasts via iTunes.

You should expect about 300-400 on-air placements with each RFR. Colorful results reports include a graphic representation of each placement, verified by signed usage cards, in market rank order with network affiliations, Arbitron audience data, a map showing broadcast market locations, potential and actual listenership, AQH and CUME and equivalent ad space cost.

GUARANTEE: Complete satisfaction with the results of each release or another one FREE. 

Radio Opportunies

Radio offers you these advantages:

1. Radio has a huge audience. Radio is heard by 265 million Americans age 6+ each week. That includes 66 million millennials, 58 million Generation Xers, and 58 million boomers. Radio reaches 93% of consumers.
Audio consumers listen for an average of 12 hours each week.

2. Radio broadcasters are eager to use radio feature releases (RFR’s) to fill in on news shows and talk shows. You can get 300 to 400 on-air placements per release.

3. Radio scripts can be created based on the same releases that succeeded for you in newspapers or blogs. Our expert writers can transform your press release into radio spots.

4. Radio is heard mainly by commuters and other travelers during drive time. Drivers, passengers and others listen to pass the time and stay informed, and are grateful for your advice on how to improve their lives.

5. Radio broadcasters use a variety of formats including scripts and audio, downloadable from our site; RSS feeds, e-mailed to them by subject; and hard copy with CD’s, which have an edge because they save those
on their desks until they are ready with a time slot to fill.

6. There are 6,500 radio stations that have used our RFR’s regularly for decades. We have built up relationships with grateful broadcasters who send us back signed usage cards, indicating which spots they use.

We keep track of who the best people to cover at each station are, including producers, directors, on-air talent, writers or others who need good content. Broadcasters trust us to send them wonderfully written, credibly sourced RFR’s, in the formats they need, regularly. We keep track of who uses the content we provide and where they are, following the high turnover of people from one station to another.

Your spot will reach millions of listeners nationwide in nearly every state, with placements heavily skewed toward major markets, as those are where radio stations tend to exist, in the wealthiest and most populous
communities, all supported by local advertising. The cost of buying the equivalent amount of airtime would be several times the cost of our service.

Let us write proposed scripts, at no cost or obligation, based on your background material or recent press release. If you approve, you will love the results, including usage maps, colorful bar charts and pie charts,
and listing placements in market rank order with demographic information.

We guarantee complete satisfaction with each RFR or another release free. You won’t need the guarantee. We have worked for most Fortune 500 companies, the top 20 PR firms, over 100 associations and many government agencies. After 60 years in this business, we know what to expect and we can help you maximize your coverage for the message that management cares about most.

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