Reach millions more readers, listeners and viewers nationwide 


NAPS offers new opportunities to maximize results online 

Faster Distribution:  

  • One hour only to distribute approved stories via our website. 
  • RSS and XML feeds by subject to thousands of editors daily via our website. Stories go directly into the computers of editors by computer feeds as soon as those are posted to the website.  
  • E-mail distribution of stories to editors is done daily, weekly or monthly as editors request. Editors at more than 10,000 newspapers, most with online versions, and over 15,000 blogs, can receive all stories or stories on specified topics as they choose. 


Faster Results:


  • Several online clipping bureaus send clips daily, some as fast as a week after a story is approved. 
  • E-clips are sent daily to clients for faster reporting. NAPS is scanning in clips that come from newspapers, or getting clips through portals (if possible), and digitizing placements in online publications so those can be e-mailed out to clients even before those are sorted, listed on the reports and mailed to the clients. Clients are starting to receive clips as early as a week after approval.  
  • Online reports are available 24/7 on our website, including digitized copies of the clips. 


More Results:


  • The NAPS social media sites, including FacebookTwitterYouTubeInstagram, and Pinterest, are an increasingly popular means for editors and readers to receive our content. We also have downloadable audio spots via iTunes. These formats help create a viral effect, connecting our content with targeted audiences.  
  • We have our own blog on our website.
  • Several clipping bureaus, each with unique tracking capabilities, are used to be sure that we provide maximum results. The NAPS internal staff subscribes to and monitors thousands of publications that others don’t. Many grateful editors, whom we've developed a relationship with over the years, help by sending us envelopes filled with articles that they have placed on our behalf. 
  • Highest quality and widest variety of formats of art are provided on our website. Art is available in color in several sizes and formats including TIF, EPS, GIF and JPEG. The NAPS staff artist is the most widely published in America and has captured the attention of online editors and readers alike with color drawings and infographics.   
  • Special sections are filled with NAPS stories, which are available by topic on our website. Clients can choose which sections of our website they wish their stories to appear in. Editors with a particular interest can also utilize our online search engine by entering a keyword or phrase to generate all stories that include that wording.  
  • Hyperlinks are included in stories to drive more editors and readers from our website directly to the websites mentioned in the stories.  Many of our clients have reported that when they use unique identifying information in our articles, such as 800 #'s, e-mail addresses, landing pages on their sites or hash tags, they have noticed a huge bump in traffic to their sites, social media activity, and an increase in call volume, leads and sales, as determined by their own internal monitoring efforts.

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