Smart Choices For Marketing Media Campaigns

How Leading Marketing Pros Are Leveraging Community News Media In Print And Online


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Savvy marketers recognize the value of community news outlets in the wealthy suburbs as part of the marketing mix.  For decades, traditional media have been evolving and innovating to satisfy the demand for more digital capabilities in an increasingly online, always on world. 

Media relations teams have faced new challenges as traditional media have been inundated with a plethora of really good, well written and beautifully illustrated content from a variety of sources who can distribute digitally at very little cost.  Reaching editors and publishers, who are reluctant to give out contact information, can be increasingly difficult as more and more marketers vie for attention. 

Cutting through the clutter to get placements that help accomplish goals, not just somewhere on a site, but prominently displayed, can be a daunting task for novices.  The value of relationships has surged as media staff will accept submissions only from trusted sources of content, or those who are willing to pay something for the privilege of gaining access.  The prevalence of sponsored content, native ads, advertorials, influencer marketing and other paid options, has skyrocketed to keep pace with the competition for attention.

The potential is huge for getting  millions of additional readers, listeners, and viewers in community news media, for the message that management cares about most, if you know how to deliver it properly and who to deliver it to.  

Vast exposure is possible at affordable rates, for maximum ROI, by covering, not only top tier media in major markets, but also thousands of additional media in second and third tier markets, especially small, often independent or family owned media outlets, that have survived for generations and are thriving, thanks to digital enhancements to their business models. 

Community news outlets speak to a broad cross-section of local area consumers, ranging in age from young 20s to grandparents.  These media are supported by local advertisers who target 25 to 55 year olds, mostly in the work-force, young professionals, families, independent business people, retirees and other niche groups.  Virtually all of the audience is spending money in the local area of the media outlets.

Strengths of community news media include reaching large audiences, often by direct mail to every home in the local area, with plenty of informative and interesting content, and long-term retention, for publications that remain in the home for a week or more. 

Our creative team of experts in content creation and design and delivery methods, can help you with personalized service to get maximum engagement with top notch results to achieve excellent goal oriented outcomes at great, highly cost-effective rates. 

Whether you have a special seasonal promotion, an exciting contest, an event, a new product launch or an awareness campaign, we provide an opportunity to generate significantly more responses for your current efforts, by reaching millions more people, to help you to achieve greater ROI. 

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Many of our clients have stuck to our service like glue for decades, as we continue to evolve and provide awesome results which have helped their businesses tremendously.

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