Influencer Marketing


We guide you through the decision making process, quickly and intelligently, helping you to develop and implement a strategy for multichannel communication across paid, earned, shared and owned media.

Influencer Marketing

Connect your brand with influencers and decision makers on one unified platform

1. Listen to Media Channels for Trending Topics

Tune in to the millions of conversations happening online and in traditional media and glean insights about your audience and your brand. With Featurettes Influencer Marketing, we help you make sense of it all.

Monitor across channels: Listen to millions of daily news stories across online, broadcast and social channels, tens of thousands of daily hours of broadcast, more than 10,000 print publications and millions of online news websites, blogs and forums.

Gain valuable, automated insights: Aggregate trending and emerging topics, uncover key influencers and learn brand and competitive insights.

Understand brand impact: Find out what people are saying about your brand vs. the competition.

2. Target & Build Relationships With Key Influencers

Harness a wealth of data and predictive insights to fine-tune content delivery by audience and channel. Featurettes Influencer Marketing helps you build relationships with the key influencers driving the conversation in your markets, so you can target the right audience for your brand’s message.

Smart Source: Access the Featurettes database of millions of media contacts, outlets and editorial opportunities.

Engage Digital Influencers:
Connect with hundreds of thousands of digital influencers discussing trending topics.

Exclusive Bios:
Connect with influencers providing you with leads and inquiries.

3. Create an Earned Media & Content Strategy

Attract influencers and industry experts to your brand with compelling content that showcases your brand’s value. Featurettes Influencer Marketing provides the insights and expertise you need to develop a holistic strategy.

Create a Multichannel Content Strategy: Amplify the results of your programs to create a holistic content strategy with an integrated content calendar.

Establish Thought Leadership: Deliver high-impact communications with predictive insights to help you create compelling content.

Assess Content Effectiveness: Leverage our expert editorial staff to assess your content before you share it.

4. Engage Audiences Across Channels

Maximize the impact of your content with multichannel promotion across earned, paid and owned channels. Featurettes Influencer Marketing makes it easy for your team to manage coordinated programs: You’ll have access to the most trusted feature news distribution system.

Earn Media and Influencer Attention: Trigger market demand through a network of tens of thousands of media distribution points.

Boost Content Visibility: With 10,000+ websites, millions of social followers, and thousands of broadcast channels.

5. Analyze Performance & Attribute Impact

Easily access the right analytics so you can continuously optimize strategy. Featurettes Influencer Marketing helps you attribute the impact of your communications and earned media, and begin highlighting the financial impact you haven’t yet been able to quantify.

Customizable charts: Connect the dots across social, digital and traditional media channels to help you gain a 360-degree view of your programs.

Impact reporting:We enable you to focus on the stories that have the most impact on your brand and reputation vs. the competition.

Attribution: Highlight the financial impact your earned media programs are driving for your organization.