Free proposal: Send us a release, a brochure, a speech or other background material and we can get you a draft
within one week. Based on your English language version of the story, our experts will suggest a format that will get the maximum coverage in Spanish media. We have certified translators who will translate your English language version into the generally accepted Castilian Spanish version for optimal pickup.
What we do for you: NAPS provides an easy, cost-effective method of getting your story out to nearly every newspaper in the country. Instead of just covering the same newspapers everyone else in America is trying to get into, you give your top story to practically all of America’s mass media outlets, in a format that editors can easily use immediately. We cover over 700 Hispanic newspapers in the U.S., Puerto Rico and Mexico, with over 30 million in cumulative circulation. This offers a potential to reach the 40 million U.S. Hispanic people who account for $428 billion of buying power and 13.4% of the U.S. population.
Featurettes: Newspaper story written, produced and distributed once a week with color photo, line art or graphic.
Distribution: Story is sent to about 700 newspapers and mailed 1) on CD’s, 2) as camera-ready articles and 3) posted on our Web site as downloadable files for editors.
Results: 500+ online placements per release and 10-25 in print. Clippings come from several clipping bureaus
including our own in-house clipping bureau, which subscribes to thousands of newspapers that others don’t. Colorful results reports include demographic information, market ranks, circulation and readership figures, a map indicating where placements have occurred and equivalent ad space cost.
Radio RoundUp: RFR (Radio Feature Release) written somewhat like PSA’s, produced and distributed twice per month. Timed
scripts—60 seconds (or 2 for 30-second spots, each with its own report, if in the same mailing)—read by station personality or played from CD with our voice-over artist reading each script.
Distribution: 500 radio stations throughout the U.S. for use primarily on news and talk shows. Broadcasters receive CD’s, paper scripts or MP3’s and PDF’s of scripts posted on
Results: You should expect about 100-150 placements with each RFR. Colorful results reports include a graphic
representation of each placement, verified by signed usage cards, in market rank order with network affiliations, audience data, a map showing broadcast market locations, potential and actual listenership, and equivalent ad space cost.
Consumer Science News & Notes: VFR (Video Feature Release) written, produced and distributed once a month. Unique video format:
60-second segment combining video or animated still photos with voice-over and music. Video is taken from your existing VNR or B-roll. We can add creative effects with our cutting-edge software (e.g., motion graphics, fades, wipes and dissolves), add movement to still images, or we can supply stock footage.
Distribution: 85 stations, including many network affiliates, VHF, UHF and cable stations. Individual segments are used on regular news and talk shows. QuickTimes and PDF’s of scripts of each spot are posted on our Web site.
Results: Colorful results reports include a graphic representation of audience data, a map showing broadcast
market locations, each placement in market rank order with network affiliations, potential and actual viewership and
equivalent ad space cost.

GUARANTEE: Complete satisfaction with the results of each release or another one FREE.

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