New Ways To Wow Them This Holiday Season


New Ways To Wow ThemThis Holiday Season (NAPSA)—While more than a quarter of the country expects to celebrate Thanksgiving at the same time and place this year as ‘Lap weitS last year, the fare they'll be eating maybe very different indeed. Survey Says The latest “Juicy Secrets Sur- vey” from Char-Broil LLC discovered home cooks plan on making the menu more interesting than ever. The survey also uncovered a few new facts and debunked conventional wisdom about how Americans prepare and enjoy their holiday feasts. While 40 percent of the people surveyed said they serve the same menu that mom created, more than half say they're open to trying new recipesor techniques to make the meal special— and a full 10 percent makeit a tradition to do so each holiday. Frying Has Fans Frying the turkey is at the top of that “must try” list, with one in three Americans reporting theyve eaten fried turkey. The majority said it was better than traditional oven-baked turkey. The primary reason: It’s juicier. Of the few who didn’t like their turkey fried, more than half said it was because of the grease. Cooks Warm to Infrared Fortunately for them, Char- Broil has created the first oil-less infrared turkey fryer: The Big Easy. A safer and healthier alternative to traditional oil-based fryers, it uses natural infrared heat to cook moist, flavorful turkey in significantly less time than an ordinary oven. An easy way to serve a juicy turkey this holiday season is to use Char-Broil’s oil-less infrared fryer, which sears the meat sur- face to create a nice brown crispy skin and locks in the natural juices. Now, with The Big Easy oil- less fryer, the idea of “frying” a turkey doesn’t have to mean loads of calories, safety hazards or messy cleanup at Thanksgiving. More Timesaving Tips Other popular ways home chefs save time and trouble include: Letting guests bring a side dish Usingfrozen vegetables Serving store-bought desserts Adding dry mix to get the gravy just right. Learn More For more information, tips and recipes, go to The Big Easy can be purchased at Lowe’s, The Home Depot, Bass Pro Shops and