You Can Streamline Your Studies With An Online MBA


1 Streamline Your Studies With A Personalized, Online MBA (NAPSA)—Today’s technology means MBAstudents no longer need to be confined to on-campus, lecture-driven programs—and they’re taking advantageofit. In fact, a recent study from Babson Survey Research Group reported that 7.1 million students took at least one online course during the fall 2012 term, and 33.5 percent of all higher education students are now taking at least one course online. With MBAstudents, the need to be flexible and receive a person- alized experience may be particu- larly important. Often, these students are balancing a job and family, and choose online education because going back to a traditional campus isn’t practical for their schedules. That’s why forward-thinking universities are developing innovative new ways to better serve these students. “We know that MBA students come to school with knowledge from their prior education and professional experience,” said Dr. Robert Manzer, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at American InterContinental University™ (AIU). “That is why AIU hascreated the intellipath”-driven MBA, the first MBA program in the U.S. to be delivered by adaptive learning technology.” Powered by the school’s proprietary adaptive learning technology, the program helps students streamline their studies by assessing andidentifying each student’s current understanding of a topic and then tailoring the type and order of the lessons presented to meet that student’s unique needs. This allows students to focus their time on what they need to learn and skip over what they already know, creating a personalized and moreefficient learning experience. “The intellipath-driven MBA respects students’ time and knowledge by tailoring content and lessons to their individual learning needs,” added Manzer. When looking for an online MBA program, students should consider these five key tips: Adaptive learning technology streamlines the MBA study experience. Recognize your experience: If you have prior education or professional experience, use it to your advantage. Look for programs that will make the most of your time byletting you skip over what you already know. Efficient approach: Look for a program that tailors your lessons to your needs. AIU’s MBA uses adaptive learning technology to help students focus on what they need to learn, creating a personalized and moreefficient experience. Expert faculty: Programs taught by industry specialists will give you access to real-world perspective. Review the faculty (and university) credentials before selecting a program. Specialized curriculum: You're going back to school because you want to gain more experience in yourfield of interest. Look for a program that offers as many courses in your area of specialization as possible, and be sure that learning material is offered in a variety of formats. Accredited program: Look for an MBA that has programMatic accreditation, such as the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) for business programs. For more information about pursuing an online education, visit wee dee eee Note to Editors: Babson Survey Research Group, http:/ /sloanconsortium. org [publications / survey grade-change-2013. AIU cannot guarantee employment or salary. Find employment rates, financial obligations and other disclosures at / disclosures.