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Words Of Business Wisdom, High-Stakes Thriller, And A Unique Audiobook Experience


“Gather As You Go: Sharing Lessons Along the Way” by Carol Lavin Bernick

(NAPSI)—Former Alberto Culver Executive Chairperson Carol Lavin Bernick offers a collection of wisdom on topics from leadership, philanthropy and branding to civic engagement and raising kids as a working mom to assisting older parents, and more. She hopes the book will inspire people of all ages and lifestyles with ideas that are helpful, thought provoking and encouraging.

A general “just good advice” section includes essays on how smart people ask for help, what to do when you make a mistake, and how to make interesting conversation. Add to that everything from party tips to keys to innovation. Net proceeds go toward her family’s charity Enchanted Backpack. Purchase at

“Killer Deal” by Karen S. Gordon

Lauren Gold and Vance Courage buy a luxury West Texas guest ranch as a way to launder a few million bucks. Soon after, tragedy strikes: A body is found in one of the buildings. Suspecting the killer might be among them, they begin to dig for clues. What they unearth is chilling.

“Killer Deal” is a fast-paced thriller. Readers are entwined in an intriguing look at the hunger for power, the ego of control, the persistence of greed, and two unlikely heroes who battle society’s dependence on high tech and its loss of social conscience in their not-so-conventional attempt to uncover the truth. Purchase at

“Disruption Off” by Terry Jones

Worried your company won’t survive in the fast-changing, high-tech world? Discover innovative strategies to future-proof your profits. Do you worry young, cutting-edge companies will push you out of the market? Do you wish your organization was the one doing the disrupting? Are you struggling to keep up with the breakneck speed of modern business?

Terry Jones, Travelocity founder, CIO of the multibillion-dollar SABRE company, founding chairman of, and VP of American Airlines, has battled the frontlines of business disruption. And now he’s here to share his hard-won wisdom and insider tips to give you an edge in an increasingly volatile market. From Forbes Books, purchase at

“The Barefoot Spirit” (audiobook) by Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

The NYTs bestseller, “The Barefoot Spirit” paperback introduced the indomitable spirit of a scrappy startup that hoisted itself, hand over hand, up the mountain of the impossible to become America’s top wine brand. This unique and entertaining audiobook provides an immersive, fully-casted, listening experience, with actors playing the parts (notably Ed Asner and Gigi Perreau), including sound effects and an original musical score. “Transformative!”—Forbes.

An engaging, informative, and often humorous look into the struggles, ingenuity and humanity that founded the iconic national brand. Conveying important business lessons through “Business Audio Theatre,” The Barefoot Spirit is a Finalist for BEST BUSINESS AUDIOBOOK at the 2020 Audie Awards. Purchase at

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