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“Enemy Queen” by Robert Steven Goldstein

(NAPS)—Full of wicked humor, artful eroticism, scintillating dialogue, and a bit of intrigue, “Enemy Queen” is an exhilarating romp set in a North Carolina college town. When attorney Stanley Berman and professor Thomas McClellan share a house, they spend evenings drinking wine, playing chess and lamenting their ineptitude with women. Then the professor hatches a scheme to bring a young woman into the house. The counselor is dubious but persuaded nonetheless. The two find themselves outwitted by Victoria, a young woman who is clever and inscrutable. She initiates passionate encounters with them, but as time goes on, her demands become untenable. When she goes missing, a murder investigation opens up. From SparkPress, purchase at

“The AVADA Principle” by Michael Sipe

Most people desire the abundant life and there’s no shortage of advice on how to get it.  However, interesting opinions and catchy sound-bite advice tend to fall short of delivering. What if there were a principle that holds true for all people, in all times, in all places…including today? There is, especially if you’re a leader, says Michael Sipe. You have the opportunity to not only live your own most abundant life, but to use your influence to help others do so, too. The principle in this book is ancient. What it encompasses is as true today as it was 6,000 years ago. It’s The AVADA Principle. Purchase at

“Wild Blueberries” by Peter Damm

Some writers look at life with their eyes, others with their heart. In this collection of personal stories, Peter Damm does both. These are vignettes of growing up in small-town rural Michigan, also a closely observed portrait of mid-century America.

But this isn’t a collection of pretty postcards. Damm’s family experienced depression, alcoholism and loss, and he writes with a survivor’s compassion. These are stories for all the senses, held in place by strands of memory alternately steel and gold. “Wild Blueberries” has been called a joy to read, a lyrical, rich, funny and complex account of growing up in rural Michigan. Purchase at

“Culture Code Champions” by Bill Higgs

What is your current corporate culture costing you? Learn how to create and cultivate a championship culture in your business. It can increase your bottom line by attracting and retaining better people and better clients and reducing rework. Practical tips and methods are designed to help you maximize productivity, performance and profit by increasing passion throughout your organization. Here are Higgs’ seven steps to scale and succeed in your business: open up the communication; create a sense of team; establish a repeatable process; use hard copy communication; sell while the shop is full;  continuously recruit top talent; and  give back to your community. From ForbesBooks, purchase at

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