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Warm and Wonderful Pastrami-Spiced Veal Burgers


(NAPSI)—Whether you’re feeding your family or entertaining guests, a delightful way to keep things cosy yet special during the cold weather season is with a delicious dish such as this one, made with Trusted Veal from Europe.


Pastrami-Spiced Veal Burgers

Yield: 6 servings 


12slices Smoked Gouda, sliced thinly

2cups Sauerkraut, rinsed and drained

¾cup Mayonnaise

1oz Fresh breadcrumbs

4 oz Milk

2tsp Salt

2lbs Ground veal

2tsp Black peppercorns

2tsp Coriander seeds

½tsp Mustard seeds

1tsp Sweet paprika

1tsp Onion powder

½tsp Garlic powder

1tsp Brown sugar

½cup Whole grain mustard


Place the breadcrumbs, milk, and salt in a bowl and soak the breadcrumbs until softened. Mix the veal with the breadcrumb mixture and combine to form six patties. Toast the peppercorns, coriander, and mustard seeds in a dry pan. Let cool and grind them with the paprika, onion powder, garlic powder, and brown sugar. Coat the burgers with the spice mixture. Heat a grill on medium-high heat. Grill the burgers to desired doneness but at least 71°C (160°F) for food safety, adding a slice or two of cheese to each burger towards the end, to slightly melt. Spread the bottom of the bun with the mayonnaise, and top with whole grain mustard. Place the burger on the bottom, top with sauerkraut, and top with the bun.


As easy to make as they are enjoyable to eat, one reason these burgers are better is that they’re made with genuine European veal. Desired for its light color and delicate taste and texture, European veal has long been held in high regard among chefs around the world. What’s more, European Union (EU) Legislation means high animal welfare standards are practised and enforced so consumers worldwide can feel confident about Trusted Veal from Europe, considered simply the best in taste and tradition. 



Fortunately, a wide selection of high-quality European veal is available throughout Canada. Ask your local retailer for European veal.



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More Ways to Keep Cosy



In addition to cooking a comforting meal, there are other ways to keep your spirits up when the thermometer falls.



1.Exercise your option to keep moving. Try hot yoga. Or embrace the cold and go out and ski, skate or build a snowman. You’ll warm up while you’re out and appreciate the heat indoors even more.



2.Love a lamp. If the dark days get you down, an LED full-spectrum light may cheer you up as well as warm you up.

"Keep things cosy this cold weather season with this delicious recipe made with Trusted Veal from Europe. Learn how at"