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Video Games Boost U.S. Economy By Billions Top 10 States Ranked By Total Video Game Industry-Related Economic Effect


(NAPSI)—The next time you, your friends and family play video games, you’ll do more than have fun. You’ll help improve global science and art and the American economy at the same time. 

Statistics Show

A new study by Entertainment Software Association (ESA), shows video games not only provide rich, interactive entertainment experiences—they power an innovation industry that has a significant effect on U.S. economic growth and jobs. 

The U.S. video game industry in 2019 generated $90.3 billion in annual economic output, while supporting nearly 429,000 U.S. jobs. The latter number includes about 143,000 people directly employed by the video game industry, averaging over $121,000 in annual compensation. Additionally, video game industry-related activity generates $12.6 billion in federal, state and local taxes, annually.

“The statistics in this detailed report reinforce the significant impact video games have on the U.S. economy, including jobs creation and providing family-sustaining wages in a wide array of careers,” ESA President and CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis said. “As a convergence point for leadership in software, hardware, entertainment and creative arts, the video game ecosystem generates the kind of innovation critical to economic growth and this report helps share that story in a new and comprehensive way.”

Further, the report shows, the industry contributes to the development of innovative, far-reaching technologies, such as virtual reality, advanced computing and machine learning, as well as the spillover effects into other industries, adding:

“The industry thus represents a rather unique convergence of U.S. global leadership in technology industries (software development, computational systems, advanced graphics systems, etc.) AND its visual arts, creativity, storytelling and entertainment culture (in the tradition of literature, theater, graphic novels, movies and television). Video games have emerged as a melding of the two, creating a new form of visual art and entertainment and a new platform for experimentation and innovation in advanced technology development.”

Americans across age, gender and other demographic measures find many positive benefits to video game play. For instance: 

•More than 214 million Americans play video games

•64% of U.S. adults and 70% percent of those under 18 play video games regularly

•The average age of a video game player is 35-44 years old

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