Trimming The Cost Of Gift Giving


Trimming The Cost Of (NAPSA)—Atighter budget doesn’t have to put the squeeze on holiday shopping. Here are sometips for stretching your budget and some suggestions for the hard-to-shop-for man, including ift Giving ie some inexpensive grooming prod- ucts and other ways to shop smart: Plan Ahead—Follow Santa’s lead and makea list. Be sureit includes each person you’re shopping for, as well as a few gift ideas for your recipients. A list can help you avoid costly impulse buys and save you valuable shopping time. e Set a Budget—Discipline yourself (in spite of the “anything goes” holiday spirit). Bring out your inner bean counter and set limits on how much to spend per recipient. Keep it Cash—Pay in cash whenever possible. Doing so could help you maintain a sense of what you are spending, and it can be a smart way to keep holiday expenditures separate from everyday outlays. Shopping Smart You can give movie tickets for less than $25 or a gift card to a favorite store for less than $30. You might give women on yourlist a trip to the salon for around $40, and men on your list can receive grooming tools for the same price or less. For instance, the Remington PG-360, a versatile 8-in-1 personal groomer priced at under $20, makes it simple for a guy to maintain his own unique facial hair style. It features attachments ranging from a detail trim- mer and the world’s first neckliner, to a nose- and ear-hair trimmer and a mustache and beard comb with five adjustable wie. The Gift of Grooming: Practical shoppers are giving their guys grooming gifts that won’t break the bank. settings. The attachments are rinse-and-go for quick cleaning. You can also find the Remington Body+Back Groomer, whichis showerproof and makes it easier for guys to take charge of their own body hair and trim or shave areas such as the back, chest, abs, legs and underarms. There’s a self-sharpening, titanium-infused steel blade, two adjustable trimming combs, an extendable handle with a nonslip grip and 360degree attachments for added versatility and total control. In addition, it saves the pain and cost of waxing. Plus, it saves your wallet at $34.99. Remember that some of the best gifts can be the least expensive. For more information about Remington Products, call (800) 736-4648 or visit the Web site at www.RemingtonFaceOfSuccess. com/holiday, where you can enter for a chance to win a trip to Las Vegas for you and three friends. No purchase is necessary to enter the contest. See details and official rules at www.RemingtonFaceOf