Reach More People In Your Target Audience By Covering More Media

Top Weekly Newspapers Using Feature News Content


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

After covering all the major daily news organizations, the next frontier for media relations pros is weekly news organizations, some of which having bigger audiences than many daily news organizations. Some are an extension of daily news organizations or started out as daily newspapers, then cut back to publishing less frequently. Many have tried to move toward more of an online presence, where there is more space for our content, and it has become more easily shareable on social media. 

There are several advantages to extending beyond the traditional lists of major media contacts, to weekly news organizations:

1- if you have a product or service to sell, you will sell more of it by reaching untapped markets, through weekly news organizations in the wealthy suburbs, which are all supported by local advertising, tending to exist in the most populous communities.

2- whether your goal is brand recognition, brand loyalty, awareness, advocacy, or social responsibility, you will reach more people in your target audience by covering more media.

3- for the message management cares about most, you will have more impressive results if you go above and beyond what is usually done, to do a more thorough job and get placements in, not only the largest, best known media outlets, but also include many more in the lesser known niche markets, for deeper market penetration and saturation.

Here are some of the top weekly news sites that use our feature news content:

1- MO/ Suburban Journals/ St. Louis Post Dispatch 

2- MN/ Sun Current 

3- GA/ Neighbor Newspapers 

4- VA/ Loudon Times Mirror 

5- CT/ Journal Inquirer 

6- FL/ Tampa Bay Newspapers 

7- RI/ Southern Rhode Island Newspapers 

8- MA/ Woburn Daily/ Home News  

9- MD/ The Avenue News 

10- MI/ The News-Herald 

There are thousands more like these nationwide.  The editors need good feature news to fill in between ads and drive more traffic to advertiser sites. You can get more mileage out of the message you worked so hard to create by extending your reach to thousands more journalists at weekly news organizations, to reach millions more Americans and drive engagement.

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