Tips To Make Your Trip Terrific


the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house, flying off to a beach vacation or heading for thehills to ski, if you'll be traveling this holiday season, there are nine things you should keep in mind: Plan Ahead. Don't wait until the last minute to book a hotel room ora flight or get yourtrain or bustickets, in case they sell out early or become expensive as the date of travel draws near. If you're driving, review all your routes to select the one withthe least amountoftraffic. Pick Your Time. Try to avoid the busiest dates—the day before Thanksgiving and the two days before andafter Christmas and New Year's. If you can fly on the actual holidays, you're morelikely to have smaller crowds. Bring Entertainment. Download movies, cartoons, audio books, what- ever your family prefers onto yourelectronics. Bring earphones (perhaps the noise-canceling kind), backup batteries and chargers. Travel Light. Consider shipping gifts and nonessentials ahead of time. If you do fly with gifts, keep them unwrappedorin gift bags in case the TSA wants to see them. Stay Healthy. Before you go, make sure the whole family has hada flu vaccine. Wash your hands often and carry antibacterial hand gel. Consider a travel pillow to be more comfortablefor all those hours in theplane orcar. Dress Right. Wear lots of light layers so you can take things off or put them on to accommodate different temperatures in the terminal, rest stop and so on. Get On The Road To Safety. If you'll be traveling by car, be sure the brakes, battery, fluids and tires are all in good order. Takea first-aid kit, flashlight, blankets, flares, jumper cables and an ice scraper. A little planning can help you have a happierholidaytrip. Know Your Numbers. Keep the phone numbers of your airline, hotel, car rental company and other travel vendors handy so you can call quickly in case ofan issue. Bring Healthful Snacks. Now you can have something healthfullike fruit, crispy like a chip and sweetlike candy all at once. ‘That’s because there’s now a gluten-free, Non-GMOProject Verified, OU Kosher, fat-free, cholesterol-free, preservatives-free, no-sugar-added, freeze-dried fruit snack. It’s a good source of fresh fruit nutrients andfiber, conveniently available in seven flavors: apple, Asian pear, banana, cantaloupe, tangerine. mango, pineapple and Light and flavorful, each bag provides approximately one servingoffruit for 55 calories or less. It has nearly all the nutrients of fresh fruit but a much longershelflife. It’s even TSA approved and packs nicely into your luggage, carry-on, backpackor purse. Called Crispy Fruit, it makes a great stocking stuffer, too, once you get to yourdestination. Learn More For further facts and tips, go to and www.Smart