Three Steps To Saving In Style At Home


1O Three Steps To Saving In Style At Home (NAPSA)—Both parents and children know that anytime of year can bethe right time to look for ways to save—and getting ready to go back to school is no exception. According to a recent survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, eight out of 10 back-to-school shoppers plan to cut back on spending or purchase items on sale. While finding the biggest and best deals on supplies is one way to save, another way parents can trim costs—and doit in style—is by cutting hair at home. Home haircutting not only helps to cut costs during the back-to-school season, it also can save the average family of four up to $500 annually. Here are three steps to saving in style with home haircutting: 1. Select a style, any style: Today’s home haircutting tools cater to a variety of styles and lengths. So whether the choice is short and messy like some of today’s teen heartthrobs or long and side-swept like one notable pop icon, re-creating these looks can be done. For ideas, go online and search photos of your favorite musiciansor athletes. 2. Get clipping: After selecting the style, invest in a set of quality hair clippers. Newer options, such as the Lithium Ion Clipper from Wahl, offer the convenience of anywhere use and come with a host of guide combs for achieving different lengths. When using clippers, a good By cutting hair at home, a family of four may save an average of $500 over the courseof a year. rule of thumbis to start at the back of the neck and move in upwards strokes toward the middle of the head. Next, cut the top, moving front to back. Finally, blend the middle and use a detailer to clean up the neck, sideburns andears. 3. Apply the finishing touch: Once the cut is complete, it’s time to finish the look with styling products. Make sure to consider the hair type and style when making a selection—and remember to use only the amount needed. Gels and pomades offer styling variety ranging from light to stiff hold, although gels are best suited for curlier hair. Mousse works best for thin, fine hair. For more home haircutting tips or to view demonstrations, visit