Three Career Trends


(NAPSA)—Asthe economy improves, so do career prospects. Here are three trends to watch. *Robust job growth in health care and IT: The health care industry employed one in five Americansin 2012 and could grow 29 percent by 2020. More than half of the 30 fastest-growing jobs over the next decade will be in health care, with nursing positions expected to increase by 26 percent, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. \= art TP Small businesses now provide overhalf of all U.S. jobs. With technology driving nearly every industry in today’s economy, IT professionals will also continue to be in high demand. By decade’s end, 1.4 million positions should open in software engineering, net- workoperations and related areas. *Detours lead to new career paths: Today’s workers are more likely to “zigzag” through jobs in diverse industries than follow a linear career track. Nearly 90 percent of women professionals and executives will take time off or shift careers in midlife, according to the new book “Women Lead” by Apollo Research Institute. Recent research shows that more than 8 million baby boomers have entered “encore careers,” often in jobs that give back to the community. *Small business creates big opportunities: Small businesses have provided 55 percent of U.S. jobs since the 1970s and have added 8 million positions since 1990, during which time large firms shed 4 million jobs. A recent report noted that nearly 90 percent of businesses with under 99 employees plan to hire or maintain current staff in 2013 and more than half expect revenueto rise. Learn more at www.apollo or find Apollo Research Institute on Facebook.