The Top Travel Stories of the Decade


The Top Travel Stories of the Decade

Techniques That Can Help You To Earn More Media Coverage

By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

To help our clients find formats that are getting the best results, North American Precis Syndicate ranks the top feature news stories of the year by the highest number of placements in media outlets nationwide.  We have compiled the results to show the top feature news stories of the decade, those that have performed brilliantly, way above and beyond what is typically expected. 

The most successful stories included attractive color photos or infographics, helpful advice from experts, celebrity spokespeople, the latest statistics, results from surveys, trends, time-saving tips, money saving ideas and other helpful information.  The stories targeted people across various demographic groups and related to safe and enjoyable traveling experiences, protecting the health, and assets, of the readers, their friends and family members. 

We are passionate about working on the kinds of stories that help millions of people nationwide with the news that is potentially life saving or can improve the quality of their lives. 

To name a few, here are examples by topic, of the work from the best and brightest travel communications professionals for some of the most demanding management teams at leading organizations:

1- Domestic: Visit Orlando

2- Foreign:  Michelin

3- Hotels and Homes:  Marriott

4- Related Products and Services:  Travelocity

Here are tips that will help you get more mileage for your travel section story:

  1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos, up to three in one story.
  1. Destination Highlights: Give the readers an exciting reason to travel to your destination, including attractions, museums, entertainment, sports, nighttime hot spots, performing arts and music, parks and beaches.
  1. Target: Include information targeting families with children, seniors, honeymooners, couples and business travelers, and the amenities at the places where they may stay.
  1. Budget: Alert readers to travel smart with special packages or how they can save money or time, and give them shopping tips and banking options.
  2. Stress Relief: Show readers how they can reduce stress and enjoy comforts while traveling, including relaxation habits, spas, resorts and family-bonding opportunities.
  1. Timing: Give editors plenty of time for seasonal travel stories by sending up to three months in advance, allowing them time to plan for special sections.
  1. Events: Alert readers to festivals, spectator sports and special events.
  1. Technology: Inform readers about the latest technology that can help them plan their trips, secure their homes, communicate and keep entertained while traveling.
  1. Safety: Indicate how travelers can stay safe while away.
  1. Checklist: Give a checklist of things they won’t want to leave home without.
  1. Health: Tell readers how to stay healthy while enjoying a vacation.
  1. Rankings: Give readers the top 10 picks of a travel industry expert or publication.
  1. Contests: Offer a chance for readers to win a travel-related prize.
  1. Dining: Include information about restaurants, bars, cafés and culinary highlights.
  1. History: Give readers some interesting historical background about the area.
  1. Tours: Inform readers about special tours, excursions, walks and bike rides and how to get around in the area they will be visiting.
  1. Websites: Include a link to your website or social media sites or offer guidebooks and brochures for more helpful ideas and information.

Here’s how one travel related client, AARP, scored massive media placements with a NAPS Featurettes distribution:

COMPANY OVERVIEW:  AARP is the nation’s largest nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to empowering people 50 and older to choose how they live as they age. With a nationwide presence and nearly 38 million members, AARP strengthens communities and advocates for what matters most to families: health security, financial stability and personal fulfillment. AARP also produces the nation's largest circulation publications: AARP The Magazine and AARP Bulletin.

CHALLENGE:  To caution seniors of the potential risks of Multilevel Marketing promotions.

APPROACH:  “The Risks And Rewards Of Multilevel Marketing” feature included survey results from the AARP Foundation, expert advice, and steps to consider before taking up network marketing. Call to action directs readers to go online and download the toolkit “Multilevel Marketing: The Research, Risks and Rewards.”

RESULTS:  This feature got 1,141 known placements, including 153 in print. This appeared in all 50 states, with a readership of 49.5 million and on sites with 91.5 million unique visitors cumulatively. About 53% of placements were in the top 50 markets, 45% were in the most populous third of the states and 31% were in the wealthiest 25% of states. The article was viewed 1,273 times on our site.

An easy and cost-effective way to boost the results of a feature news campaign is to utilize a multimedia Featurettes distribution, including 300+ on-air radio placements and 100+ on-air TV placements.  Here is what one client had to say about their NAPS multimedia experience:

 "Having looked around for other providers, I am convinced that NAPS is the best way to go for broad dissemination of my releases, be they print, radio or TV."--John Goodwin, President, Galaxy Press.

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