The Right Breakfast Can Help Keep You Balanced


(NAPSA)—If you find mornings stressful—particularly during that time of the year known as “back to school”—yov’re not alone. Adjusting to a new schedule with demanding workloads and new experiences can be a difficult transition that takes a lot of energy Mom's To-do List Toda, Towmorroco __Drpeleconers from the entire family. Fortunately, there are practical ways to manage that stress. Here are sometips: Each evening, take an inventory of what you need to accomplish the next day so you start out with a clear plan ofaction. e Lay your clothes out the night before. Store items such as keys, wallets, glasses and backpacks in the same spot every day so they are easy to find. Plan out breakfast and lunch before you go to bed. When it comes to planning your meals, convenience is key, especially in the morning. New Eggo Real Fruit Pizzas combine great-tasting favorite breakfast items, such as fruit and granola, into one delicious offering, which will make your morning routine that much more enjoyable. One minute in the microwave can streamline the morning routine with the all-in-one combination of fruit and warm toasted granola on an oven-baked cinnamon and maple-flavored crust. *Mintel Breakfast Foods, November 2009 As breakfast products such as fruit, cereal, snack and energy bars, and yogurt are gaining in popularity*, Kellogg is meeting consumers’ needs with this new, convenient breakfast option. This unique and flavorful introduction can offer breakfast enthusiasts a great-tasting option with the convenience they want. Available in Strawberry Granola and Mixed Berry Granola varieties, the frozen breakfast pizzas join other Eggo favorites, such as Homestyle, Buttermilk and Blueberry waffles, for a family of products designed to simplify your morning. To learn more, visit www.