The Garage: Control The Clutter


GARAGE ZONE" Lost Projects Boxes “Extra”Parts Totes Christmas Tree Fertilizer Ice Melt-Away Fresh Project MotorOil Bicycles Screwdriver Hammer CT Eee Trash Tool Belt CeCe Non-utilized Large Toy: Kids’ Bike) Large Project Mower Auto Fluids Wrench HandDrill Nails (NAPSA)—Asconsumers spend more time at home, the garageis being rediscovered and transformed into more than just a place to park the car or an overflow storage area. It’s a versatile workspace that can house the entire family’s hobbies and favorite things—from tools and sports gear to toys and gardening equipment. All these items converging in one place can add up to one big mess. According to a survey from the National Association of Professional Organizers, 50 percent of homeowners say the garage is the most disorganized place in their house. The wide range of storage needs and ever-changing daily activities make the garage a complicated space to keep organized. To help take back the garage, ClosetMaid has developed eight main Garage Zones™. This systematic, efficient method of organizing tackles clutter from the ground up and provides a great low-cost space reclamation to add a senseof order to the home. Put your garage to work by utilizing every valuable and reachable inch of space with heavy-duty shelving or a freestanding storage or work center. For example, ClosetMaid offers do-it-yourself Extinguisher Flashlight installed products, such as Dimensions Cabinets, which can house frequently used items including auto fluids andtools. Strategically place mowers andthat larger-thanlife trash can along the wall for maximum effectiveness. Hooks, hang-ups and other accessories keep equipment and supplies off the ground but always close at hand, so there’s no wasting time looking for what you need. The upper shelving is excellent for storing seasonal and infre- quently used items such as the Christmas tree, holiday decorations, plant fertilizer and boxes of “extra” parts. Go-to tools should be within arm’s reach on a waist-level shelf or in a drawer, while activity items should have a separate but accessible space in the garage. When space in the garageis tight, keep boxes, motor oil and other items tucked away from view. These occasional items can be pulled out when needed, leaving plenty of open space for possessions like large toys (e.g., a motorcycle) or sports equipment. For more unique home storage and organization solutions, visit or call (800) 874-0008.