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(NAPSI)—Today, many people in business talk of diversity fatigue, says Barbara Adams, PsyD, author of “Women, Minorities, & Other Extraordinary People: The New Path for Workforce Diversity” (Greenleaf Book Group Press). But, she adds, that means “we’ve momentarily lost sight of the magnitude of opportunity before us.”

Her book can serve people in leadership positions who recognize, “the tremendous strategic value of having diverse, inclusive workforces,” but have struggled to commit to it.

For all the many well-meaning diversity initiatives that organizations have undertaken lately, “personal mindsets and beliefs are what count,” she writes.

“People in leadership positions,” Dr. Adams adds, “have the ability to replace judgment and bias that naturally occur in us with curiosity about differences.” And that, she concludes, is “truly the beginning of embracing the opportunity that lies in workforce diversity and inclusion” and can make companies and organizations more successful.

Her book reframes the journey ahead through an organizational lens, highlighting the importance of cultural norms, challenging misconceptions, and providing research and practical tools.

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