Social Security News and Notes 2


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Social Security News and Notes

There’s good news for Americans who receive disability benefits from Social Security and want to work. The free and voluntary Ticket to Work program makes it possible for those who receive Supplemental Security Income—also known as S-S-I—or Social Security Disability Insurance—also known as S-S-D-I—to begin a job while maintaining access to some benefits. That’s because of Social Security rules called “Work Incentives,” which are intended to help people who receive disability benefits transition to the workforce and become financially independent. While earning a living through employment is not for everyone, it may be right for you. For many, the rewards far outweigh the risks. Take the time to learn about the employment services and supports that Social Security offers beneficiaries with disabilities through the Ticket to Work program. To learn more and start on your journey to financial independence, visit choose-work--dot--s-s-a--dot--gov or call 1--8-6-6--9-6-8--7-8-4-2 or 1--8-6-6--8-3-3--2-9-6-7 for T-T-Y, to get started.