Social Security News and Notes


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Good news for Americans who get disability benefits from Social Security and want to work. A free, voluntary program may be their ticket to employment. The Ticket to Work program makes it possible for those who receive Supplemental Security Income—also known as S-S-I—or Social Security Disability Insurance—also known as S-S-D-I—to begin a job while maintaining access to some benefits. Visit choose-work--dot--s-s-a--dot--gov to meet real Ticket program participants, such as Brenda, who points out that the Ticket to Work program gives you a chance to put yourself out there, even when you’re unsure. When you have the kind of support that lets you focus on succeeding, you discover what you can do. “With the Ticket program,” she says, “I have more confidence that I have the tools to keep moving forward.” Ticket to Work may help you start on your path to success. Visit choose-work--dot--s-s-a--dot--gov or call 1--8-6-6--9-6-8--7-8-4-2 or 1--8-6-6--8-3-3--2-9-6-7 for T-T-Y, to get started on your path to financial independence.