Social Security News and Notes


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There’s good news for the millions of Americans who receive disability benefits from Social Security and want to work. A free, voluntary program may be your ticket to employment. The Ticket to Work program makes it possible for those who receive Supplemental Security Income—also known as S-S-I—or Social Security Disability Insurance—also known as S-S-D-I—to begin a job while maintaining access to some benefits during the transition. If you’re interested in learning about how work will affect your Social Security benefits, Social Security hosts free, online Work Incentives Seminar Event—WISE—webinars every month. They can help you learn about the Ticket to Work program and other Social Security Work Incentives, among other disability employment–related topics. You’ll learn about available supports and services from Ticket to Work service providers, who can help you on the path to financial independence. To register, call 1--8-6-6--9-6-8--7-8-4-2 or 1--8-6-6--8-3-3--2-9-6-7 for T-T-Y, or visit choose-work--dot--s-s-a--dot--gov--slash--wise.