Social Networks Can Make Learning Meaningful


Social Networks Can Make Learning Meaningful (NAPSA)—Manybelieve that one of the benefits of using the Internet is the opportunity for what’s knownassocial learning— AWAHoood Ed a PXNWA m ae) CIER a chance to discover videos, books, blogs and other media assembled by category experts. A few sites present valuable information, whether you’re going back to school or simply want to keep your mindactive. For example, Learnist is a new social platform focused on peer-topeer learning.It’s designed to help anyone, anywhere, discover fresh ideas, collaborate and share valuable insights with like-minded individuals. It achieves this by offering a series of lessons on a particular topic that can enhance the user’s learning process. What You Can Learn Users have added close to 500,000 posts to Learnist, which has yielded a million page views each month. Education, technology, food and beverage, and health andfitness are leading categories of interest, but users can also learn about science, business, art and design, travel, music, crafts, sports, games, politics, homemaking and much more. Manyof those who usethesite are teachers who have benefited from applying the material taken from Learnist in their classrooms, given that 100 percent of the new U.S. Common Core national curriculum for grades 7-12 is available on the platform. It also provides an opportunity for students to expand their knowledgeofcertain subject matter, or get a little extra tutoring outside of the classroom. However, while the benefits for educators are evident, you don’t have to be in academia to appreciate the site. Learnist is a Under Armour Speedform Review: | Wore A Bra For a Feet, And | LovedIt Constructedinabrafactory, the Speedforms lookcompletely ridiculous--but feels great. | There’s a social learning site that makesit easy to share what you know andlearn from others. customized learning experience that can accommodate both the casual user and the serious learner who wants to know more about anything. How It Works Anyone, regardless of income, education or geography, can learn a new skill or talent and share what he or she knowsbycreating “Learnist Learnboards” from the best blogs, videos, audio, Twitter feeds, slide shows and other Web resources. The platform allows users to simply click on the title of the “learning,” which takes users directly to the original Web page and allows them to leave comments, ask questions and share the things that interest them. The platform is also available on the iPhone, iPad and Android. The platform allows users to easily browsethe site and add content. Learning Is The Point Learnist is designed to enhance a visitor’s learning experience by providing instantaneous access to a rich social network that makes use of a variety of resources and media. Learn More To learn more, visit http://