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(NAPSI)—When it comes to bargains on back-to-school supplies, the early bird gets the backpack. Compared to July 2020, online prices for office supplies and clothes were up 4.8% and 11.13%, respectively, according to research by the eCommerce analytics firm Profitero. It tracks online prices for thousands of products sold on popular retailer eCommerce sites.

What You Can Do

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect your wallet:

•Complete as much of your back-to-school shopping as you can now. Not only are prices likely to increase, but retailers are facing shortages due to the pandemic. 61% of consumers surveyed say the items they wanted to buy for back-to-school were already out of stock.

•If you’re avoiding stores due to COVID, Amazon can be a good place to start back-to-school shopping. Based on Profitero’s analysis, Amazon’s online prices for popular back-to-school goods average 10% below, and

•If you’re a college student, however, you should know closely matches prices with Amazon on minifridges, room décor and other dorm room essentials.

• Use technology to price compare and shop around and consult sites such as Slick Deals. Amazon offers Amazon Assistant, a free Google chrome extension tool, that pops up when you shop any product on another retailer’s site and shows you if there’s a lower price.

•Get smart with your website search terms. For example, typing “back to school supplies under $1” into retailers’ search bars is a quick way to find the best deals.

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"Complete as much of your back-to-school shopping as you can early. Not only are prices likely to increase, popular items may no longer be in stock as the pandemic continues to create supply outages at retailers."