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Pitching For A Secure Future: Father And Son Take The Mound


(NAPSI)—In a heartwarming display of shared passions and familial bond, Saratoga, NY father and son duo, Barry and Daniel Bruno, took the mound as they threw the ceremonial first pitch at the September 6 game between the New York Yankees and Detroit. Beyond the cheers of the crowd and the crack of the bat, this dynamic pair embodies a commitment to building and safeguarding family legacies both on and off the field.



Barry and Daniel Bruno, both New York Life Insurance Company agents, have made a name for themselves in the Saratoga community not only for their business but also for their deep-rooted love for America’s favorite pastime: baseball. For a combined nearly 50 years, they’ve been helping families locally and across the country ensure that dreams are pursued, and futures are safeguarded.



“Just as a baseball team requires a cohesive strategy to win, families also need a game plan, communication and teamwork to navigate the fiscal challenges and opportunities that life throws their way,” says son Daniel Bruno. 



The Brunos’ love for baseball became apparent early on, with father and son often bonding over games, stats, and legendary players. Attending games together and more recently coaching together have become a cherished tradition, so when the opportunity arose for them to share the mound as part of New York Life’s promotional day at Yankee Stadium, Barry and Daniel were thrilled. 



“Baseball has been the backdrop to so many of our meaningful conversations,” Daniel reflects. “When we were invited to kick off New York Life’s celebration of family legacies at this particular game, it felt like a perfect intersection of our personal and professional journeys. I’m thrilled to share this experience with both my father and my own 9-year-old son.



As part of New York Life’s promotional day, the first 18,000 guests to enter Yankee Stadium received a co-branded beanie and New York Life agents were present on the Stadium’s concourse to engage and educate fans. Additionally, the New York Life Foundation partnered with the New York Public Library to invite children and their families to celebrate their legacies. New York Life also offered fans a chance to get in the game and win the “Ultimate Yankees VIP Experience” via a sweepstakes that is open now through September 30, 2023.



Beyond the fanfare, it’s the Brunos’ dedication to preserving family legacies that truly sets them apart. They understand that just as a baseball legacy is built through generations of players, a family legacy is built through generations of financial prudence. “We often work with multiple generations within a family,” says Daniel. “It’s incredibly rewarding to see grandparents, parents, and children collaborating to create a lasting impact and protect what matters most.”



Their approach is not just about insurance; it’s about fostering open conversations about future aspirations and preparing for the unexpected. This perspective has garnered them a loyal client base who consider them trusted partners in their journey towards leaving a lasting legacy.



“Baseball has taught us that every game has its challenges and uncertainties. But, with the right strategy and teamwork, victories are achievable,” Daniel says. “We are proud to help families overcome obstacles and secure their future with the right guidance and determination.”



As the crowd’s applause faded, the Brunos left the mound, embodying the essence of their work: building and protecting legacies. Their story serves as an inspiring reminder that life’s most valuable lessons—whether learned on the baseball diamond or around the kitchen table—are often shared, celebrated, and passed down from one generation to the next.



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"“We are proud to help families overcome obstacles and secure their future with the right guidance and determination,” said New York Life insurance agent Daniel Bruno."