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Pepperlane Gives Moms Tools, Network To Build Their Own Business


(NAPSI)—Mothers want to do it all, but between work, children’s schedules and home life, you can be left scrambling to keep all the balls in the air. For most, there are just two options: work full-time or stay at home to care for your children. A new company, Pepperlane, is working to give mothers another option—so you don’t have to choose between professional passions and being home for your families.

Pepperlane (www.pepperlane.co) provides mothers with tools and training they need to build successful businesses where they can make income on their own terms, whether that means working five hours a week or 30.

“It’s okay to dream big,” said Jana Blanchette, a Pepperlane mother who creates custom memory quilts. “I’m doing things I never thought I would do before, and now I call myself a business owner.”

Pepperlane can work for you whether you’re already in business or have an idea. The online platform allows mothers to quickly and easily build a Web presence, sell online and join Pepperlane’s marketplace of services—it’s that easy.

If the thought of starting your own business is nerve-racking, Pepperlane connects you with a supportive community that will not only offer advice but will also include some of your first customers. Pepperlane’s local Boost Events connect like-minded women in their own communities for education and networking. The events started in Massachusetts, have spread across New England and are also offered online.

Pepperlane Pathway, a personalized business training program, will give you the tools and support to move your business forward by focusing on one task each day. This groundbreaking idea considers that as a mother, you have an endless to-do list that only gets longer, trying to balance professional pursuits and your family.

“We are creating the third option so that mothers don’t have to choose between their professional passions and being home for their families—we can do both,” said Sharon Kan, co-founder and CEO of Pepperlane.

Becky Bast, a professional home organizer and owner of Declutterista, participated in the first Pathway group.

“What I loved about the program is that it was so customized to our needs,” said Bast. “It’s clear that as moms, we don’t have a lot of time and we need the accountability and structure to keep us on track.”

The Pathway program joins women with up to 25 like-minded mothers and business owners who can trade advice, feedback and encouragement. Cohorts are kept small so that members can create and develop meaningful relationships. Participants receive personalized plans with short daily lessons and activities on topics like finding customers through social media, networking effectively and getting repeat business.

More than 1,000 women have joined Pepperlane, and it’s that community of women that members say has surprised them the most.

Becky Mariano, a social media specialist and consultant, wasn’t sure she had what it took to be an entrepreneur when she left the corporate world after more than seven years working in public relations and tech, but started her own consulting business in February.

“I’ve been pleasantly surprised,” Mariano said. “I’m completely in awe of the generosity of the members of this community and their willingness to help me and promote my business.”

Mariano has received so much business since joining Pepperlane that she is currently looking to hire someone to help her continue to grow the business.

Mothers are talented, passionate and eager to put their skills to work. Are you ready to leave the outdated “work or stay home” options behind and join thousands of mothers who are pursuing the third option with Pepperlane? Visit www.pepperlane.co to learn how.