Health Awareness

Oral Health Affects Overall Wellness; Ensure Dental Services Are Used


(NAPSI)—If you’re like most people, health and wellness have been at the forefront of your mind these days. And if you’re currently dealing with a medical condition, you can still have the peace of mind that comes with extra care for your oral health—which affects your overall health. To prevent future disease and complications, it’s important to stay current on your checkups and to find out if you qualify for extra services. 

If you have a condition such as a weakened immune system or diabetes, or you’re being treated for cancer or kidney failure, you may qualify for extra cleanings and even fluoride application with benefits from Delta Dental of Wisconsin. Pregnancy also qualifies you for extra treatments, as pregnant women are more likely to get gum disease. These extras can play an important role in the management of certain medical conditions. 

Staying Well

Managing your oral health is a vitally important part of maintaining your overall wellness. Dental cleanings are necessary in preventing oral issues that can lead to disease. Research shows that more than 90% of all systemic diseases have oral manifestations, including mouth ulcers, dry mouth, swollen gums, and other excessive gum problems. 

Some people with dental insurance are not getting the proper amount of preventive dental care, whether it be due to fear of pain, the cost of a cleaning, or something else. It is recommended that adults visit the dentist for a cleaning or maintenance treatments at least annually. “Keeping up on dental cleanings and check-ups has shown to be effective in the prevention, early detection, and management of oral and overall health issues,” said Dr. Greg Theis, D.D.S., M.B.A., vice president, dental services at Delta Dental of Wisconsin. “Preventive care can also save you thousands in medical bills down the road by helping maintain your oral health.”

Familiarizing Yourself  With Your Coverage 

Most Delta Dental plans cover preventive services, meaning you can get cleanings and X-rays at little to no cost. Preventive dental care is an important part of your well-being, and a healthy smile is vital to your overall health. In the long run, it costs more to avoid the dentist than it does to visit for regular cleanings because of the effect poor dental hygiene can have on overall health, especially if you have a specific medical condition. 

Stay in the know with your dental plan and check your coverage to see if you qualify for special programs or extra help. Dental coverage can be confusing, but many providers, such as Delta Dental of Wisconsin, offer online portals and benefit explanations that you can access to see what you may be missing. 

Keeping Your Smile Healthy

Though you may see your dentist at least once a year, the rest of the time you are responsible for brushing your teeth (twice a day), flossing, and drinking plenty of water to keep your mouth healthy. However, many people tend to forget that how they take care of their teeth affects their overall health.

One of the best ways to be proactive about your oral health is by being aware of your benefits. 

Don’t let your oral health fall by the wayside; reach out to your dental benefits provider today to see for what you may qualify.

"“Keeping up on dental cleanings and check-ups has shown to be effective in the prevention, early detection, and management of oral and overall health issues,” said Greg Theis, D.D.S., M.B.A., vice president, dental services, Delta Dental of Wisconsin."