New Kind Of Yearbooks For Long-Lasting Memories


NAPS)—Whether you have a student about to graduate from high school or one who has just started preschool, you'll want a yearbook to commemorate the school year. One way to get a yearbookfilled with more of your student’s personal memories is to turn to the Internet. It’s now possible to save money and memories while getting a customized, full-color yearbook that’s free to schools. Students, parents and teachers may long remember the day that the Internet changed the school yearbook. Chad Hudelson, the principal at Jefferson Christian Academy in Birmingham, Alabama, uses one such Internet yearbook option, TreeRing. Hudelson’s school went from a yearbook that was costing the school thousands of dollars each year to one thatis free to his school, affordable for parents and more relevantto his students. “A lot of industries have been changed for the better as a result of the Internet. I’m glad that change finally came to the yearbook industry. I can’t imagine going back to the old way of doing business.” How It Works Today’s technology lets students and parents personalize their own pages, which are then included in the printed version of the school yearbook. This breaks the mold of leaving the yearbook in the hands of a few. Instead, all students get to contribute their very best memories and photographs to create a meaningful yearbook. Students can even link their personal pages to Facebook and Flickr to quickly add photographs, such as pictures of best friends, hobbies, activities and creative artwork—all of this printed in full color in their personal copy of the school’s yearbook. Today, 93 percent of people take digital photographs to preserve memories, giving students and parents plenty of pictures to choose from when creating their personal pages. These yearbooks for the Internet generation require no minimum orders, commitments or expense for the school, and there are neverleftover books. Yearbook publishers have traditionally required schools to third place in the county art show! MyFavorite memoryof the ye MA THHOY WT NKKL MyFavorite Bookis | THE HUNGER GAMES, >) SY SUZANE COLD A new kind of yearbook lets students save memories and the environment while parents and schools save hassles and money. commit to buying a certain number of yearbooks due to the limitations of outdated technologies, resulting in schools being stuck with the cost of unsold books. In a change from that tradition, services such as TreeRing print a yearbook only when paymentis submitted—which meansnoleftovers. TreeRing only prints what parents need. “Financially, there was no way our school could afford a yearbook until we heard about TreeRing,” added Tim Smith, a parent volunteer at Alvarado Elementary School in San Francisco. How To With TreeRing, for example, you simply go to the website to create your custom pages using pre-designed templates. Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of artwork and backgrounds to create the pages you want and commemorate your unique school experience. Anyone who uploads a photo has the option to share it with the entire school or with close friends or to keep it private, only to be printed in his or her book. On-demandprinting means low cost and short turnaround time for high-quality books, so in aslittle as four weeks, you can get your full-color, high-quality book with a hard or soft cover. Learn More You can learn morebyvisiting or calling (877) 755-TREE.