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(NAPSI)—On average, women experience change of life at age 51 and, while September has been designated Menopause Awareness Month, any time of year is a good time for women of any age to consider their personal health and how to improve it.   

These facts and tips that may help. Menopause is usually defined as 12 months with no menstruation. It’s often accompanied by hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, pain during intercourse and dryness.   

What to do? To cool hot flashes, dress in layers, and avoid hot rooms and hot beverages, caffeine, spicy foods and alcohol. It also helps to eat a balanced diet, get enough sleep and exercise, not smoke and practice relaxation techniques. As for dealing with intimate dryness, there’s now an all-natural, vegan, personal moisturizer and lubricant that helps women find pleasure and comfort through all stages of life. Called Chiavaye (pronounced: kee-ah-vay), it caters not only to women in menopause but also those affected by pregnancy, endometriosis, chemotherapy and more. A high-quality all-natural moisturizer, made by women for women, it can also to remove makeup, hydrate the hair, treat nipple chafing caused during breastfeeding, as a bath oil and generally pamper dry skin. It’s so pure, its even edible. Endorsed by gynecologist Dr. Barb DePree, M.D., Chiavaye can help with vaginal dryness, discomfort, itching, chafing, burning, painful intercourse and thinning vaginal walls. It has a smooth, velvety feel that’s never sticky and adjusts to your body temperature. It’s sustainable, earth-friendly, comes in a sleek, discreet package and made in the USA from six natural ingredients. It’s available at Walmart this autumn: 

•Coconut Oil: This penetrates multiple skin layers to deliver nourishment and hydration. Studies show it can have antibacterial and antifungal effects. 

•Almond Oil: This locks moisture into the skin and is anti-inflammatory, plus it can act as a natural mild pain reliever. The almond oil soothes sore muscles and may be beneficial for healing. 

•Vitamin E: An antioxidant that removes free radicals that damage the cell structure. Studies show it can promote blood circulation and regenerate cells. 

•Grapeseed Oil: An anti-inflammatory that promotes anti-aging and can be antimicrobial. It’s also an antihistamine to relieve dry, itchy skin, PMS and hemorrhoids. 

•Sunflower Seed Oil: This retains moisture and can boost healing and acts as a barrier oil for friction. 

•Evening Primrose Oil: Widely used in treating PMS, endometriosis, and symptoms of menopause, studies show this oil is beneficial in reducing inflammation.

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