Top Food Stories of the Decade


The Top Food Stories of the Decade

Techniques That Can Help You To Earn More Media Coverage

By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

To help our clients find formats that are getting the best results, North American Precis Syndicate ranks the top feature news stories of the year by the highest number of placements in media outlets nationwide.  We have compiled the results to show the top feature news stories of the decade, those that have performed brilliantly, way above and beyond what is typically expected. 

The most successful stories included attractive color photos or infographics, recipes, helpful advice from experts, celebrity spokespeople, the latest statistics, results from surveys, trends, time-saving tips, money saving ideas and other helpful information.  The stories were targeting people across various demographic groups, relating to nutrition, entertaining and enjoying food, for the readers, their friends and family members. 

We are passionate about working on the kinds of stories that help millions of people nationwide with the news that can keep them healthy, and improve the quality of their lives. 

To name a few, here are examples by industry sector, of the work from the best and brightest food communications professionals for some of the most demanding management teams at leading organizations:

1- Associations: Blueberry Council

2- Regional: California Sweet Potatoes

3- Health Advocacy: American Diabetes Association

4- Government: FDA

5- Brands: Herbalife

To get a bigger slice of the media placement pie, try these tips:

  1. Photos: Use beautiful, eye-catching, color photos.
  2. Recipes: Give readers a reason to buy your product as part of a grocery store checklist. Earn more placements with editors who like to fill special sections with recipes.
  3. Nutrition: Include information about nutritional value or how your recipe will help keep people healthy.
  4. Celebrity Chef: Give your story star appeal by using a celebrity spokesperson.
  5. Cookbook: Use a sample recipe and create an awareness of the book filled with more recipes from your expert.
  6. Time-Saving Tips: Keep recipes simple for busy chefs who need quick and easy solutions for mealtime.
  7. Budget-Stretching Ideas: Use ingredients that are easily available and economical.
  8. Entertaining Ideas: Use timely, themed ideas for celebrating holidays or other special occasions.
  9. Family Friendly: Show how mealtime can be fun and bring families together.
  10. Multiple Recipes: Using several short recipes will help you sell more product in a more cost-effective way. Many editors will fill a page by stretching a story with several recipes and photos. A series of short recipes will get double the results for the same budget.
  11. Contest: Attract more readers by offering a chance to win cash or other prizes by entering a cooking contest.
  12. Travel: Offer advice to people on-the-go for packing something to make quickly while traveling or at their destination.
  13. Lunchbox: Suggest nutritious and child-friendly meals that can easily be included in a lunchbox.
  14. Cuisine: Create an ambiance by using flavors and visions of a popular tourist destination or event including European, Asian, Mexican, American, Wedding, BBQ, Tailgate party, etc.
  15. Pairing: Give expert advice on pairing the right beverage with the complementary foods.

Here’s how one client scored massive results with a NAPS Featurettes news release:

CHALLENGE: Engage with readers about nutritional facts and new recipes by driving them back to California Sweetpotato Council’s website for additional information.

APPROACH:  A “Heart and Healthy California Sweet Potato Chili” feature including an easy to make chili recipe with good reasons to indulge in.

RESULTS:  This feature got well over 1,000 known placements. This appeared in all 50 states, with a readership of 18 million and on sites with 67 million unique visitors cumulatively. About 47% of placements were in the top 50 markets, 57% were in the most populous third of the states and 37% were in the wealthiest 25% of states. The article was viewed 1,515 times on our site.

“California Sweet Potato is happy distributing content with NAPS” stated Nicole Arena, Principal at Q-Cubed, and their agency representative. “Always such a pleasure working with you guys!”

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