Top Allergy Stories Of The Decade

It’s An Awkward Time To Have Allergies: Prevention And Treatment Tips


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Spring allergy season has caused new concerns about how to control symptoms, when businesses reopen, after the COVID 19 epidemic isolation restrictions are lifted. There may be a lot of finger pointing due to the similarity of those symptoms with those experienced by a Coronavirus carrier.  Fortunately, experts have offered guidance about preventing and treating those symptoms.

Here are the top allergy stories of the decade, filled with helpful advice.

1- SinuSonic/ International Forum of Allergy and Rhinology/ American Rhinology Society/ American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy: “News For Noses”

2- National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA): ”Get Ahead Of Allergies

3- Henry Schein: “Breathe Easier, Have Your Kids Tested For Asthma”

4- American Academy of Ophthalmology/ EyeCare America: “Is It Seasonal Allergies Or Dry Eye?”

5- “You Can Breathe Easier”

6- ACDelco: “Breathe Easier While Driving During Allergy Season”

7- IQAir: “How To Survive Seasonal Allergies”

8- Genentech/Xolair: “Raising Awareness Of The Most Common Type Of Asthma: Allergic Asthma”

9- PetArmor: “Fighting Fleas And Ticks Now And For The Future”

10- Luxaire: "Improving Indoor Air Quality”

11- Mylan: “Anaphylaxis: Know It, See It, Treat It”

12- Puffs: “Allergy Answers”

13- Electrolux: “Living With Allergies And Animals”

14- TheraTears: “Treating Eye Allergies In Three Easy Steps”

15- LAVI Dead Sea Sinus Solutions: “Studies Prove Purified Dead Sea Salts Provide Highly Effective Relief”

16- Blistex: “Spring Into Action To Keep Allergies At Bay This Season”

17- Miele: “Battling Allergy Season — Inside And Out”

18- Johnson & Johnson/ ACCUVUE: “Simple Tips That Can Help Combat Allergy Symptoms”

19- Rug Doctor: “Tips For Reducing Household Allergens”

20- Quest Diagnostics: “Study Reveals Allergies Are increasing”

21- Visine: “How To Relieve Itchy Allergy Eyes”

22- Target: “Tips To Spring Clean Your Health Routine”

23- Halls: “Outdoor Fun Is Nothing To Sneeze At: Quick Tips To Help Keep Allergy Symptoms From Slowing You Down”

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