How Can You Help People Achieve Happiness And Avoid Grief?


Give Your Audiences Something To Smile About For Some Much Needed Relief

By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

During turbulent times, people need guidance and support with expert advice from problem solvers with solutions to dilemmas that can help those faced with feeling of hopelessness and desperation.  Throughout tough times, people wonder how happiness can be achieved and ask real meaning of life type questions, like “what should the purpose be?”, “where do we go from here?” or “how will we do better?”.  Disappointments are dealt with by setting realistic goals and taking steps necessary to meet expectations.

Now is the time for communicating your positive thoughts to keep up morale, with emotionally uplifting stories, while boosting visibility for the message management cares about most.  For those struggling to put on a happy face every day, under extremely challenging circumstances, due to the global pandemic, thousands of editors are looking for inspirational ideas to brighten up an otherwise dreary outlook.  What’s your silver lining that will help others in a time of need? 

Here are some of the top performing recent feature news stories about happiness, the kinds we love to work on, because these have helped create joy for millions of Americans nationwide:

1- BookTrib:

“Diverse Book Ideas: Family Odyssey To India...”

This story about a book called “The Buddha Sat Right Here”, about the author, a working Mom who felt trapped “on a hamster wheel”, no longer believing that bigger material possessions cause greater happiness,  explains the enlightening, eight month journey she took with her two preteen daughters and her husband, through Nepal and India.  This unforgettable adventure is amusing, spiritual and has changed the way people interact with their families.

“Christmas Dreams Come Early For Wife Of Work-Life Balance Expert”

Troy Amdahl, one of the Oola Guys, and author of several international best selling Oola books about finding the right work-life balance, was quoted in this story, with a simple message “Live the life you deserve” to help promote a new book. 

“Four Women’s Fiction Books Explore Diverse Family Dramas”

Readers were informed about new books including one poignant and compelling story that demonstrated the heroism anyone is capable of even in the face of traumatic realities, and another book about the life of a cancer survivor. 

2- 1-800-Flowers:

“To Grow Happiness, Scientists Say, Send Flowers”

Readers were informed about the results of research indicating the possible biological reason why people send flowers for occasions such as Mother’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary or just because... An expert at a University was quoted as saying that “ Flowers have immediate and long term effects on emotional reactions, mood, social behaviors and even memory. “ Psychologists were noted to believe that people have such strong associations with beautiful blooms that flowers can boost one’s sense of well-being. 

3- Each Mind Matters:

“Making The Most Of Yourself/ Self-Care Tips For The New Year And Beyond”

This story about spending time with people and activities people enjoy, has gone a long way toward helping people make the most of their lives.  Five tips are given for taking care of oneself to improve emotional well-being, including practicing self-compassion, reaching out to others, practicing mindfulness and mediation, enjoying nature and enjoying the journey, prioritizing activities that make you happy. 

4- BankUnited

“Maintaining Your Health At Work”

Research was revealed which indicated that when it comes to being healthy, too many Americans are sitting down on the job.  That is, the average American was spending 13 hours a day in a seated position which could lead to diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer, due to inactivity.  Tips were provided to help, including pursuing happiness to tune into your mental well-being.  The CEO was quoted as saying that “A productive employee is one that wishes the best for it’s employees” and he went on to describe changes made by the company, including building a gym, wellness programs, clubs for running, walking and Zumba.  The company participation in a charity walk was also highlighted. 

5- UPS:

“News of Jobs: Deliver Happiness, Earn Money, This Holiday Season”

We’re very thankful for the hard work and dedication of the workers who are bringing us our deliveries while we are practicing social distancing.  In this holiday story, readers were informed about seasonal and long term supplemental income earning opportunities, during peak periods of activity.  The CEO was quoted and criteria were laid out for consideration.  At a time when online purchases of goods are spiking, this seems to be increasingly relevant.

6- Paramount:

“Ten Tips For Happiness”

Readers were informed about ten tips that could put you on the road to more happiness, including doing kind things for others, connecting with more people, exercising, and watching a fun movie like “Downsizing” with Academy Award winner, Matt Damon.

7- Quicken Loans/Rocket Mortgage:

“The Happy Homeowner/Happier As A Homeowner”

Study stats by NAR, showed how homeownership generates higher levels of happiness, especially among millennials.  Results indicated 41% of millennials opting for relocating without the intention of staying permanently, found that nomadic life was not all it’s cracked up to be and homeownership was at the core of community building, creating strong, cohesive relationships and social networks.  A Harvard University study showed that homeowners display greater civic engagement, and feel a greater sense of responsibility to invest into environmental improvement.  Collectively, these factors resulted in better school systems, lower crime rates, stable growth, and a ripple effect lasting generations.

8- SilverSneakers:

“Your Health/ Tips For A Stress Free Holiday Season”

To help kept holiday stress at bay, tips were given to readers, including the simple act of smiling more, exercising to improve your mood, making a to-do list to sort your thoughts, contacting a friend, and taking time out to have fun.  

9- National Association Of Productivity And Organizing:

“Making Life Better/ Overcoming LIfe”

Results of a study were revealed which indicated that a decluttered environment contributes to productivity and happiness.

10- Hawaiian Export Nursery Association (HENA):

“Hawaiian Plants For Good Health“

Readers were informed about information from the Centers  for Disease Control that indicates that the indoor air quality can be more polluted than outdoor air, even in the largest and most industrialized cities.  Research from NASA was provided as part of the guidance given for how to resolve the problem, indicating that houseplants from Hawaii are not only easy on the eye, they can be good for your health. 

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