Top Teacher Stories of the Decade

Honoring Teachers During Teacher Appreciation Week


By Dorothy York, President and CEO of North American Precis Syndicate (NAPS)

Showing appreciation for our teachers, during COVID 19 isolation, can be done remotely, in a variety of ways, including using the Teacher Appreciation Week Toolkits from websites of the National PTA or the National Education Association.  As teachers work with students from a distance, we’ve never appreciated them more.  If you have a way to show appreciation for teachers, tell your story.

To help our clients choose formats that are getting the best results, North American Precis Syndicate ranks the top feature news stories of the year by the highest number of placements in media outlets nationwide.  We have compiled the results to show the top feature news stories of the decade, those that have performed brilliantly, way above and beyond what is typically expected. 

The most successful stories included attractive color photos or infographics, helpful advice from experts, celebrity spokespeople, the latest statistics, results from surveys, trends, time-saving tips, money saving ideas and other helpful information.  The stories targeted people across various demographic groups and related to safe, enjoyable and prosperous experiences, protecting the health, and assets, of the readers, their friends and family members. 

We are passionate about working on the kinds of stories that help millions of people nationwide with the news that is potentially life saving or can improve the quality of their lives. 

To name a few, here are examples of the top teacher stories of the decade. These are from some of the best and brightest communications professionals for some of the most demanding management teams at leading organizations:

1- :
Cheryl Crow: “Thank A Teacher”

“Gifts That Teachers Really Want”

2- Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI): “Educators And Teachers Working Together To Improve Teaching Practices”

3- College Board: “PAT/NMSQT Score Release Provides Students And Educators With Tolls And Learning Opportunities”

4- Discovery Education: “Enter The Money Smart Kids Contest To Win Big For Your Child’s School”

5- Ed Choice: “New Report Reveals Gaps In Private School Teachers’ Training”

6- National School Choice Week: “It’s Not Too Hard For Parents To Choose”

7- IWFA: “Securing Schools”

8- University of Phoenix: “How Teachers And Parents Can Work Together To Combat Summer Slide”

9- ASCD: “Helping Teachers Make A Positive Impact”

10- Learning Ally: “Helping Teachers Reach Student In Need”

11- Comcast/ Internet Essentials:  “Students Need Internet At Home”

12- Microsoft: “Four Steps For Technology Success In The Classroom”

13- Learnist: “Social Networks Can Make Learning Meaningful”

14- Procter & Gamble/ Bounty/ Puffs: “Paper Supplies Top Teacher Wish Lists”

15- Texas Instruments: “Emmy Nominated Actress Wants To Make Math And Science Count”

16- Verizon Foundation: “Inspiring Teachers”

17- Wonder: “Celebrate Wonderful Teachers”

18- HP: “Tablet Computers Find A Home In The Classrooms”

19- Clorox: “New Study Reveals Germiest Hot Spots At School”

20- Walmart Foundation: “Teachers Paying For Class Supplies”

21- Astellas Pharma: “Making Science More Engaging With Technology”

22- Intel: “Adding Up To Math And Science Success”

23- Staples: “Savvy Skills For Shopping School Supplies”

24- Box Tops For Education: “How Schools And Families Can Help Kids Be Healthy And Wise”

25- ExxonMobil/ Phil Mickelson: “Unique Opportunities for ‘A+’ Teachers”

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