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Historical Fiction, Spiritual Guidance From Two Journeys, And A Thriller


“Her Quiet Revolution” by Marianne Monson

(NAPSI)—A historically rich novel that brings to life the fascinating story of America’s first female state senator, Martha Hughes Cannon, who was also a doctor, suffragist and champion of public health in the frontier territory of Utah in the late 19th century.

This is the first historical fiction novel based on a woman whose extraordinary life as a pioneer paralleled that of the nation, struggling to grow and expand westward, wrestling with the rights and freedoms guaranteed to all citizens, including women, and overcoming tremendous odds and roadblocks by forging the American spirit of the West.

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“Dream Like Jesus” by Rebekah Simon-Peter

Rebekah Simon-Peter explores her own spiritual journey and helps leaders learn to get past the “standard” Christianity and learn to dream like Jesus, thus inspiring individuals and congregations to set and achieve goals previously thought impossible.

Drawing on her family roots of both Jewish and Christian faith, she challenges the Church to dream again, to recapture the vision of making the Kingdom of God a reality.

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“The 3rd Power” by Scott W. Ventrella

With all the bad news swirling around, it’s easy to get dragged down. In this ever-changing world—at a time where it can seem people need God and guidance the most—many have abandoned their faith and institutional religion.

Christian leadership coach Scott Ventrella’s latest book provides a simple yet powerful framework to lead you through these tough times, using faith to connect with the divine. Filled with anecdotes as well as practical tools for reconnecting to yourself, your community and God, the book lets readers explore a deeper relationship with the divine.

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“The Heartless” by David Putnam

Former L.A. County Deputy Bruno Johnson is now a bailiff in the courts, having stepped down from his role on the Violent Crimes Team to spend more time with his daughter, Olivia. Bruno fears his job decision may have come too late when he gets a frantic call to extricate Olivia from a gunpoint situation in an L.A. gang-infested neighborhood.

His desperation escalates when he realizes Louis Barkow, a stone-cold killer awaiting trial, had orchestrated that deadly tableau. When Barkow and three other criminals break out of jail and hit the streets, Bruno is plunged back into violent crime mode—with the walls caving in.

From Oceanview Publishing, purchase at

Domestic Thriller “Behind Every Lie”

If you can’t remember it, how do you prove you didn’t do it? In Christina McDonald’s latest, Eva wakes in the hospital after being found unconscious, and discovers her mother Kat has been murdered. She can’t remember what happened, but the police are suspicious. From Eva’s search for answers to Kat’s mysterious past, this is a “complex, emotionally intense” thriller.
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"Enjoy and learn from historical fiction, “Her Quiet Revolution” by Marianne Monson, a thriller “The Heartless” by David Putnam, and spiritual guidance from two journeys, “Dream Like Jesus” by Rebekah Simon-Peter and “The 3rd Power” by Scott Ventrella."