Party Planning Tips

Hints For A Happy Holiday Get-together


(NAPSAI)—After the last year or so, many people are anxious to get back into the social swing. To help, here are 6 entertaining ideas that can mean more fun for you and your friends:

How To Have A Great Party

1.Think about your guest list: You want people who are compatible, but that doesn’t have to mean they all know each other. Also, when considering the number of guests, bear in mind not everyone will be able to make it. For a sit-down dinner of any size, make a seating chart.

2.The great outdoors: Many guests these days might be more comfortable if part of the party at least can be conducted outdoors if possible and the weather permits. Fire pits, blankets and heat lamps can help. 

3.Thoughts for food: Plan a menu that’s easy to prepare or can be mostly made in advance, so you have time to spend with your guests. Find out whether any of your guests have special dietary requirements, allergies and so on. If you’re having a large crowd for a cocktail party, make sure the hors d’oeuvres can be eaten standing up.

4.Make music. Even if you don’t expect anyone to dance, play music; it can perk up the party atmosphere. Decide about genre: holiday music, pop, classic, whatever you’re into. Just don’t play it so loud as to interfere with conversation.

5.Deck the halls. You don’t want so much that guests will have trouble moving around, just enough to give the house an extra festive feeling.

6.Refresh your guests. Figure your guests will have between one and two drinks per hour. Have plenty of water and soft drinks available and lots of ice. For a special holiday feel made easy, serve clever cocktails such as the Santa Hat Martini featuring Seagram’s Escapes Island Berry. Here’s how: 

Seagram’s Escapes Santa Hat Martini 

Marshmallow spread, for rim 

Shredded coconut, for rim 

1oz orange vodka 

1/2oz simple syrup 

1oz pomegranate juice 

Juice of half lime (1/2 oz) 

1/2cup Seagram’s Escapes Island Berry from the Seagram’s Escapes Aloha Ice Variety Pack 

Garnish: Candy cane 


Spread marshmallow cream around the rim of a stemless martini glass. Place shredded coconut in a shallow dish. Dip the rim of the glass in the coconut until coated. Add orange vodka, simple syrup, pomegranate juice, lime juice and ice to a cocktail shaker. Shake until chilled. Strain into prepared martini glass. Top with Seagram’s Escapes Island Berry. Garnish with a candy cane stick and enjoy.


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Visit for additional recipe ideas featuring Seagram’s Escapes, which come in assorted flavors, excellent for mixing a quick no-fuss cocktail this holiday season.

"A Santa Hat Martini featuring Seagram’s Escapes, which come in assorted flavors, can help you make holiday wishes for a great party drink come true."