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Here To Stay, Online Fitness Offers Multiple Benefits


(NAPSI)—You may know regular exercise and physical activity enhance your physical health and emotional well-being, boost your energy level and quality of life, but recent developments in fitness may shake things up.

What’s New

With more people now working from home or juggling the multiple responsibilities of busy lifestyles, online workouts are more popular than ever. Whether you’re interested in HIIT, yoga, strength training or trampoline workouts, you can find streaming services and virtual sweat sessions as close as your phone or computer. 

Why It Makes Sense

Online fitness classes deliver many benefits, including:  

1.Maximum convenience. You can access workouts on your own time, according to your schedule. You may love Group-X classes at the gym, but it’s faster to squeeze in a workout at home during packed days. Plus, you can choose whatever class you want instead of being limited by your gym’s schedule. Many websites offer video workouts that can be done in a tiny apartment or outside, with or without accessories. In addition to website offerings, some services even offer Apple TV® or Roku® Apps for additional access. 

2.Cost-effective. The average health club membership can cost $500/year or more, which is a lot to pay if you aren’t using it regularly. Online streaming services typically cost a fraction of the price of gym memberships. For example, JumpSport® Fitness TV, which provides extensive professional fitness trampoline workouts, offers a free trial period and costs only $59.99/year (or $9.99/month). Even if you did only six workouts a year (and you know you’d do more than that), the subscription easily pays for itself. 

3.Variety. Cross-training has never been easier with the sheer volume and types of exercise sessions available today. You can choose from livestream or on-demand, with formats such as boot camp, Pilates, interval training, core conditioning, trampoline classes and more, available through websites, streaming services or apps. Many boutique clubs deliver workouts that vary by modality, intensity level (beginners versus advanced, for example), equipment utilized and duration, and organize classes so that it’s simple to search or filter offerings based on specific criteria.  

4.Privacy. With social distancing the new normal, some people may prefer to exercise alone versus in larger group settings. Plus, using online workouts mean you don’t have to worry about getting to class early and saving your favorite spot. Not only that, you can bypass the locker room for the privacy of your home. And you get to wear what you want; there’s no judgment for bed head or your favorite ratty T-shirt. You’ll find that some instructors record workouts in professional studios, while others show you their more personal side and record from their living room, with or without their pets hanging around. Even through a screen, you can get a comfortable, more personal, private session.

“The online streaming boom for fitness is here to stay,” points out Forrest Bless, VP of Marketing at JumpSport. “JumpSport Fitness TV [] collaborates with clubs all over the nation, so people streaming from home can choose workouts from a boutique club in NYC to a personal trainer in LA, which is great for variety and to accommodate different preferences.” 

Get Started 

If you’d like to take on fun and effective online workouts at home with fitness trampoline sessions, you can start with a 90-day free trial of JumpSport Fitness TV, and begin reaping the benefits of low-impact bounce sessions for your body and mind.