Helping Families Have Happier Holidays


Helping Families Have Happier Holidays (NAPSA)—Theholidays are a wonderful time of year, but with lots to do and verylittle time, it can quickly become overwhelming for parents. To help, here are some quick tips to keep you less frazzled this holiday season: Shop Smart: To save time, trouble and money, organize your shopping list before you get to the store. If you group items by location, you will spend less time searching and cut down on redundancy. e Let Santa Help: With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, kids sometimes have a tough time behaving themselves. This holiday season, get some assistance from Santa—orat least from oneof his helpers. The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition is a popular children’s book complete with an elf from the North Pole. The elf is on special assignment from Santa and watches kids closely every day. At night, the elf flies back to the North Pole to give the Jolly Old Elf a report. Adults and children alike will be on their best behavior when they know Santa is watching! e Establish Bedtime: Withall the excitement surrounding the holiday, kids can get overstimulated and might have a hard time going to sleep. You might try reading to them before bed to set a calming tone, or let them choose a cuddly toy like A Light in the Night to sleep with. Complete with a board book, A Light in the Night assures children they are safe in the dark while the adorable plush creature that accompanies it has a built-in night-light and casts a soft reassuring glow. Find Time for Fun: Don’t get caught up in your to-do list. = = 1! fj The Elf on the Shelf. A Christmas Tradition is the beloved story of a magical scout elf that reports to Santa! Instead, be sure to make spending time as a family a priority. You can play board games, watch old Christmas movies togetheror visit fun new Internet sites that embrace the spirit of the season while keeping your group enter- tained. For example, children can keep track of Santa with help from the U.S. Air Force at, or you can find fun recipes and online games by visiting the North Pole at Other websites for family-friendly fun are and Santa’s Holiday Helper Parents can begin a new tradition with The Elf on the Shelf. Gift sets come with a magical scout elf and book. Or alleviate bedtime stresses with A Light in the Night book and plush doll with a nightlight in its tummy. Published by CCA and B, they can be found at gift stores and at or (877) 919-4105.