You may have heard of winter blues. It is often called Seasonal Affective Disorder, S-A-D, or Depressive Disorder with a Seasonal Pattern. It affects over seventeen million Americans—but it can be overcome. Symptoms can include a change in appetite or sleep pattern, decreased energy and concentration, feelings of worthlessness or guilt and an inability to think, concentrate, or finish tasks. When such feelings persist for more than a few days, Doctor Desreen Dudley, Clinical Psychologist and Behavioral Health Provider of Therapeutic Services for Teladoc Health suggests it is time for action. Try healthful eating, daily exercise, meditation, therapy using light, avoiding addictive substances, and getting professional help. Fortunately, virtual care is an increasingly convenient source of mental health care. It opens up access for people with a busy schedule, individuals who may have difficulty getting out of the house and anyone concerned about the stigma of an in-person visit. Learn more at Tel-a-doc--dot--com--slash--therapy.