Halloween Is Here


Roe Halloween Is Here (NAPSA)—Even the spookiest economy in decades doesn’t have to take the fun out of an occasion that lets you become someone you're not—but would like to be. Halloween is not just for kids anymore, and this year, more families and adults are expected to relieve the stresses of daily life and havea little fun by dressing up and goingout. Superhero or princess, you can be whatever you wantto be in any economy—atleast on Halloween. Fortunately, you can enter your own fantasyland without breaking your budget. For under $30, you can find hundreds of costumes for kids and adults from the world’s leading costume manufacturer. With affordable, quality costumes, Disguise offers trendsetting designs, bringing hundreds of fun new characters to the forefront. You can escape into the world of Marvel with Captain America, Spider-Man, EmmaFrost and Spi- der-Girl. Kids and adults can dress as heroes and villains from Transformers, G.I. Joe, Wolverine, Iron Man and Disney. There’s something for just about every age, style and budget. For tips on finding your disguise, visit www.Disguise.com.