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Grocers Rely On Robots And Data To Improve Shoppers’ In-Store Experience


(NAPSI)—Autonomous robots are becoming a familiar sight for grocery shoppers as they roam store aisles scanning shelves for missing, mispriced or misplaced products. Along the way, they collect and connect critical data about store-shelf conditions and alert grocers about popular items that are out of stock or running low.

These multipurpose robots even connect with mobile shopping apps and pinpoint product locations, enabling customers, online order pickers and store associates to find what they’re looking for quickly. At Woodman’s Markets, a Midwestern grocery chain throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, self-navigating robots from Badger Technologies® monitor product availability, verify prices and deliver precise location data for more than 100,000 items at each location.

Maestros at Multi-Tasking


Robots equipped with Badger® Retail inSight scan shelves across entire grocery stores in hours, compared to the days it might take an employee to complete the task manually. The robots identify out-of-stock products with more than 95% accuracy. Incorrect and mispriced products are identified with over 90% accuracy.

With the robots, Woodman’s Markets makes sure the price on the shelf and the price at the register are the same—no small feat considering their typical stores contain up to 24 aisles of products with around 100 new sales tags initiated daily.

A fully charged grocery robot can make continuous store rounds without getting in the way or bumping into anyone. Ever patient, the robot simply waits its turn or seeks an alternate path in crowded aisles before continuing its inventory checks. 

Elevating Customer Satisfaction

The ability to automate storewide shelf scans for out-of-stocks and price compliance frees employees to spend more time assisting customers. Additionally, improving inventory accuracy leads to better shopping experiences, which is a top priority for any retailer. 

At Woodman’s Markets, the pricing department organizes all pricing tags each day by location. If something moves, it’s updated the next day. Additional efforts are underway to reduce waste, improve efficiencies and further improve customer shopping experiences.

Making this a reality requires retailers to establish firm connections between shelf-scanning results and corresponding product, department, category, vendor, sell-through and pricing data. Badger Technologies knows the way, having deployed more than 500 robots that collectively have logged so many miles they could have traveled to the moon and back twice. 

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"A fully charged grocery robot can make continuous store rounds without getting in the way or bumping into anyone."