Giving The Gift Of Great Memories


Giving The Gift Of Great Memories (NAPSA)—Forbirthdays, anniversaries, and holidays like Christmas or even Grandparents Day, around the corner on September 13—whateverthe gift-giving occasion—the best present is often one that makes loved ones feel more connected, especially when they’re miles apart. Memories—new and old—are the glue that holds relationships together and are often the most appreciated kind of gifts. When you give someone a movieticket stub from yourfirst date together or pass down a family heirloom to your child, those gifts come with greater meaning than the gifts themselves. They demonstrate how much you cherish their presence in yourlife. Something as simple as a photograph can bring people back in time to a wonderful memory— their weddingor their child’s birth all the way to their graduation. Photos can help people relive the past, but they also help to stay in the present. When loved ones can’t attend notable occasions such as their grandson’s first day of elementary school or their niece’s prom, photos allow them to feel as if they're physically there witnessing the events unfold. Instantly Share Moments That Matter People can e-mail photos to family and friends one by one, or post imageson their social media pages, but what if those photos could appear instantly in the homes or offices of the people you care about most? They can be surprised now and then with full albumsof photos, either to be remindedof great times you have had togetherin the past or to get the inside look of an event they couldn’t make. There’s an ingenious device that can put you in the picture. Wi-Fi cloud-connected photo frames are a fast-growing solution that bridges busy lifestyles, technology divides and even geographies. Called Nixplay, the frame comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android that anyone can download and use to instantly send photos to their own or friends’ frames, wherever they are in the world. The photo-sharing process is now fast and simple, allowing grandparents, friends and other loved ones to share memories on the go and stay connected. Now, loved ones can get the Picture this: Bring family and friends closer by seamlessly sharing photos from smartphones to elegant frames, at homeor anywherein the world. gift of memories from the past and present, as well as the comfort of knowing that they'll continue to receive precious moments in the future. Playlists For All Occasions It’s also good news for anyone who has trouble managing a growing collection of photos scattered across different digital devices and online platforms. With Nixplay, you can access and organize everything in one location, allowing you to pull images to send from places such as Dropbox, Facebook, Insta- gram, Picasa and Flickr—whichis especially important when it comes to loved ones who aren’t social media savvy. From there, you can create and customize playlists that will take you down memory lane, which you can continue to add on to, and send them to the framesoffriendsorrelatives who live far away. Connect up to 10 frames to one account, and with 10GBoffree secure cloud storage, you need never worry about a lost moment again. The Nixplay Edge 8-inch and 13-inch Wi-Fi Cloud Frames feature a sleek design, stunning highdefinition resolution display for crystal-clear photos and videos, and a power-saving Hu-Motion sensor that turns the frame on when you enter the room. They can be set to display the most recent photos first and turn off when you leave. They’re easy to set up, even for the least tech savvy ofus. Learn More For further facts and to view a video about the device, visit