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Getting “On the Road” Digital Nomad Style Or Digital Nomad Life For 55+ Americans


(NAPSI)—If you’re like roughly two-thirds of Americans, you expect to travel this year. So, whether it’s camping, visiting national landmarks or splurging on a first-rate resort, travelers want to do it all—as soon as possible.

Who’s Going

This seems particularly true of those 55 years and older. In a recent T-Mobile survey of older Americans, most said they want to jump in the car and go for a road trip to see… you guessed it… family. In fact, 43% plan to visit with children and grandchildren, according to the survey. And they can afford it. The AARP reports that 58 percent of Boomers have been saving their money for travel. 

The Digital Nomad Trend

The phrase, “on the road,” however, may have a new meaning for some. The pandemic ushered in a new travel-meets-work trend for people over 55 who are redefining work and taking the “Nomadland” path. While digital nomads have typically been in their 20s and 30s, working and traveling the world before settling down, Boomers (and older GenXers) are reevaluating the latter years of their careers. They now want to include a splash of freedom. That can mean choosing to live and work remotely, selling their possessions, working flexible full-time or part-time gigs or starting their own businesses.

Living an ‘On the Road” Lifestyle

Having the right technologies—from smartphones to wifi antennas and hotspots—make working and living from the road a breeze. Most important is having fast, reliable wireless service. When you’re having fun traveling cross-country or working from the back of your van, you need fast data speeds, video streaming that works and reliability. Fortunately, it’s all getting better every day thanks to the newest generation of wireless: 5G. 

What 5G Can Do

5G provides faster download speeds and more reliable connections, and T-Mobile 5G now covers 92 percent of Interstate Highway miles across America. For travelers, this means music streaming, video calls, real-time navigation and more. And, unlike AT&T or Verizon, T-Mobile offers a nationwide discount for 55+ customers with dedicated 55+ plans that include 5G at no additional cost. Plus, customers can sign up for a family plan with up to four lines and Netflix on Us.

Now more than ever, 5G technology will enable 55+ers to go big and go “on the road” without breaking the bank.

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"There is a new travel-meets-work trend for people over 55 who are redefining work and taking the “Nomadland” path."