Get Your Vehicle Ready For Tailgate Season


(NAPSA)—For sports enthusiasts, this time of year means one thing:It’s tailgating time. Whether you’re planning to tailgate at your daughter’s soccer gameor in the parking lot of your college alma materor favorite professional football stadium, your car or truck is the center of the tailgating experience. So why not get it ready to tailgate in style? Small changes like repairing scratches, brightening wheels or reviving a worn truck bed can really improve the look of a vehicle. Here are some simple project ideas that any car owner can tackle: Repair tiny nicks, chips and scratches. Car and truck doors can be easily scratched by runaway shopping carts or other car doors. Butit’s never been easier to repair small dings and scratches with products like Rust-Oleum Seratch & Chip Repair Markers. The squeeze bottles have a dualapplicator tip design that can be used as a brush or markerso the paint applies easily and nicks can be repaired quickly. Roll up to the gamein style. Now you can customize your wheels without the custom price tag. For less than $30, you can make your existing wheels look brand new with Rust-Oleum High Performance Wheel spray paint. Try a color like graphite to enhance the color of your current plastic hubcaps and aluminum or steel wheels. Check out the RustOleum Go 180 videos on YouTube to learn how to complete this project step by step. Revive your truck bed. It’s just not classic tailgating unless you're sitting on the back of a truck. But after years of hauling It has never been easier to get your caror truckreadyfortailgating. everything from lumber to your neighbor’s old sofa to your tailgate barbecue grill, your truck bed’s finish may berusting, peeling or just look worn. But you can revive it and makeit look brand new by applying a truck bed coating such as Rust-Oleum Professional Grade Truck Bed Liner. The rubberized coating is made with recycled tires and gives truck beds a jet-black, textured, nonskid finish that will last season after season. And one kit includes enough coating to redo an eight-foot truck bed. Don’t forget the barbecue grill. If you’re like most people, you've probably puta little mileage on yourtailgate barbecuegrill. But don’t be tempted to replace it just because its finish is worn or rusted. It’s easy to give it a face-lift with one coat of Rust-Oleum BBQ & Stove paint. The tough black protective enamel renews and protects surfaces up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit and will keep grills looking good tailgate after tailgate. For more easy and inexpensive project ideas for cars, trucks and around the home, visit www.rust