So sometimes I’ve said, you know, there are three people in the room when I go into the room: There’s the patient, there’s the me, and then there’s the E-M-R system. Patients know it too. They’re like: my doctor comes into the room and only looks at the computer as if they don’t even care about me. 

I mean if you’re not in the room clicking on buttons with the patient, how much work are you taking home? You said what was her first name? 

I think burnout can look different for every single person. I was bringing work home almost every single night and spending hours and hours outside of work time doing documentation. I love what I do but all the extra stuff made it not worth it. My patients aren’t getting the best of me. My kids aren’t getting the best of me. 

So the option would have been going part-time but monetarily it wasn’t going to make sense and so it’s really about for me trying to find that balance so that I also feel the joy and that I’m giving the best of myself.

From Burnout to Balance 

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