Frightfully Delightful Treats


Frightfully Delightful Treats (NAPSA)—Here’s food for thought: Popcorn, discovered in the Americas thousands of years ago, has beguiled people for centuries with its mythical, magical charm. Today, it’s also lauded for its nutritional and economic value, while the alluring aroma and taste help make popcorn such a popular treat that Americans consume some 16 million quarts of it a year—roughly a quart per person per week. Considerthese cornyfacts: October is National Popcorn Poppin’ Month. Popcorn is naturally low in fat and calories. Air-popped popcorn has roughly 30 calories per cup; oilpoppedhas only 55 per cup. *Popcorn is a whole grain. It has three components: the germ, endosperm andpericarp, or hull. Of the four main types of corn —sweet, dent, flint and popcorn— only popcorn pops. *Popcorn needs between 13.5 and 14 percent moisture to pop. *Popcorn forms one of two basic shapes when popped: snowflake and mushroom. * Popcorn Zombies are a treat: Green Halloween Zombies Yield: about 7 pieces (4'2 x 3'2 inches each) 2% quarts popped popcorn 6 tablespoons butter or margarine 3 cups minimarshmallows 4 tablespoons lime gelatin powder Red gumballs, candy corn, flat green candystrips (or fruit leather), green sugar sprinkles Liven up your Halloween with these sweet popcorn zombies. Place popcorn in a large bowl]; set aside. Melt butter over medium heat in a medium saucepan. Stir marshmallows into butter until melted. Stir in gelatin powder until evenly colored. Pour over popcorn and stir until evenly coated. With buttered hands, shape popcorn into 7 oval shapes. Flatten one oval shape slightly and squeeze one end to form a “skull” shape. Place onto parchmentlined baking sheet. Repeat with remaining shapes. To decorate: Press two gum balls into each skull to form “eyes.” Press candy corn into skull to form “teeth.” Use scissors to trim candy strips and press into top for “hair.” Sprinkle with sugar sprinkles. Allow “zombies” to set for about 20 minutes before wrapping individually in plastic wrap (or serve immediately). For more recipes, tips and information about popcorn and Popcorn Poppin’ Month, October, visit or call The Popcorn Board at (312) 644-6610.