Spring Cleaning Tips

Four Ways for Successful Spring Cleaning


(NAPS)I—When the weather gets warmer, many say it’s time for spring cleaning. While this isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, there are four simple ways to make sure your spring cleaning is efficient and uncomplicated—and, just maybe, a bit fun.

1. Break out the bleach. Bleach isn’t the enemy when it comes to spring cleaning—in fact, it’s one of the best tools in your arsenal. Products such as Cloralen Concentrate and Cloralen Multipurpose cleaner are designed to deodorize and disinfect faster and better than leading brands. You can add Cloralen Concentrate to your laundry loads and use Cloralen Multipurpose throughout your home on countertops, yoga mats, baths and more to let the deep-cleaning power of bleach work its magic.

2. Leverage multipurpose tools. Multipurpose tools are an excellent solution for the less-than-enthusiastic cleaner who wants to work smarter, not harder. Take Pinalen Original MultiPurpose Cleaner, for example: it’s a pine oil-powered cleaning agent with over 100 different uses, from degreasing the stove top and removing pesky soap scum from tiles to getting those deep-seated oil stains out of clothes. With a go-to product you know will work well on so many different surfaces, your cleaning will go smoothly, without breaking the bank.

3. Finally get those long-standing stains out. Don’t overlook laundry during spring cleaning—whether it’s finally getting that stubborn wine stain out of your favorite sweater or grass marks from the kids’ clothes, a powerful liquid detergent like Ensueño fights stains while protecting clothes from color fading and delivers a refreshing aroma.

4. Make it smell fresh and clean. To further banish odors, grab a deodorizer such as Pinalen MAX Aromas to both clean your home and keep it smelling great for hours. MAX Aromas last for up to 30 hours, leaving you plenty of time to not only clean the house, but also enjoy the scent after the hard work is done.

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"There are simple ways to make your spring cleaning efficient and uncomplicated—and, just maybe, a bit fun."