Four Tips For Enjoying Your Backyard Year-Round


7 set , Se sree net eet et Four Tips For Enjoying Your Backyard Year-Round (NAPS)—Here’s cool news: You can create an outdoor area that you, your family and friends can spend time in at just about any timeof year. Get your yard ready with these four tips and you can defy the changing seasons. 1. For a warm welcome, build a fire pit orfireplace.A fire pit or fireplace can be a beautiful focal pointin any yard and you can take advantageofits warmth and glow throughout the year. Set up your space with benchesthat doubleasstorage and haveblankets ready for guests as the weathergets cooler. 2. Create a private oasis. Creating a wall using a decorative fence, a divider of shrubs, or a structural enclosure not only provides a sense of privacy, it’s a great way to block chilly winds in the winter and offer shade in the summer. Take advantage of natural shade from nearbytrees or bring in an umbrella depending on your space. This will make for a sense of coziness and comfort. 3. Visitors will be green with envy when you decorate with potted plants and evergreens. Shrubs and bushes with year-round greenery can spruce up your space throughout the year and potted plants can be an easy way to add variety to your outdoor space. Place a few pots at the corners of your deck or patio to create borders and swap out with seasonal plants—pansies and crocuses in spring, daisies in summer and mumsin autumn—fora changingcolor palette. 4.Its a bright idea to illuminate your space. Oneofthe easiest ways to make your backyard more accessible year-round is making sure you can see at night. For a super bright bulb that can turn a dark backyard into a well-lit For glowing reviews of your get- togethers, get your backyard the right lighting. area, consider the SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Night Chaser, available at Lowe's, Menards and Amazon.It delivers 2,400 lumens far and wide, excellent for hosting late-night summer basketball games, a twilight Halloween party, winter snowman making or hockey on a backyard rink. Another benefit is that youll likely have to go up the ladder only onceto install it since the bulb can last over 22 years. Learn More For further homedesign inspirations, check out SYLVANIA onInstagram, Twit- ter and Facebook and visit wwwsylvania. com to findfacts on lighting.